Grey Mistress.

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Grey Mistress.

Oh, grey mistress, Half-hidden in shadows, The mist confusing soft features, As if you were not there at all.

How you play with me! Tempt and toy, And leave clues to tease, Why not show your face?

It must be fair, And coloured with pretty pastels - I'll wager you have more grace, Than a Degas dancer,

But still, you hide in that alley, Why so, my mistress? Come, step into my light, Cast off that foggy cloak.

I see such power in your form, Agency and strength. How it makes me want to take you, I must own you.

You, mistress, Let me love you! Come, come a little closer, We can dance in the moonlight.

In the dark, we can be majesty, Crown ourselves with the street-lamp light, Let the stragglers be our subjects, And we can hold court on the pavement.

Do not fade from me now! Please, I beg, it was just a cat disturbing the silence, We were not caught, No one knows are secret.

I reach for you, and you are gone, I know not where. Curse you, grey mistress, Harlot from the soot,

You have left me with the miasmas, And vanished into thin air. So I, the lonely commuter must continue home, To a cold house and a cold wife,

Never to be loved as a man should. Perhaps you were just a fever-dream, But perhaps not. I'll wager I'll see you again.

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