Gotta be strong.

                                  Gotta be strong. sugar stories

sy There we go
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light hearted thoughts on my bid to end my sweet-tooth

Gotta be strong.

Oh, delectable sweet, To you I entreat, Why taunt me with heavenly flavour?

Your chocolately charm, How you swiftly disarm, And trick me into scoffing.

Hear me now cake, You've made one mistake, In dealing me tooth decay.

And biscuits, you fiend, From you I'll be weaned, That, I swear to you.

So I'll wave you goodbye, (At least I will try,) And give you up, for good.

I will be strong, I've made it this long, On saccharine packets and sadness.

And I'll win this fight, Not a bit will I bite, Until there is nothing left to you,

So get thee away, That's how it will stay, Hand me that quinoa instead!

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