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sy Urgh.
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Another apocalyptic mess.
"I do not know when I fell asleep, but when I awoke the world had ended."

Frozen peas, please.

The last of the year dripped to an end. As we swilled the last of our warm champagne, midnight chimed, and in came the new year. We all pretended to kiss each other's cheeks and wished each other luck for the times ahead. Then came the resolutions - being warmly drunk we all forgot that one should aim for a resolution that is actually

achievable, and made solemn promises to get into shape. A few hours later we awoke from our stupors and stumbled about looking for a breakfast of pain-killers and cold aperitifs. After managing as much food as my queasy stomach could handle, I left for my own home. It was on the outskirts of town, and while many of my friends lived within spitting distance

of each other, I prefered to have a bit of solitude to myself. Or, at least, that was what I liked to tell them when they enquired as to why I lived so removed from everyone else. In truth, I simply could not afford what they took for granted, which included the ability to move to the nice part of town, with the big houses and swimming pools. And therefore, I lived on the

outskirts of town and left the party first to avoid becoming envious and mean-spirited as I sobered up. But at that moment I was still drunk. Not wishing to risk being ill in the back of a taxi (or pay for the clean-up), I opted to walk home. Besides, I had to start my New Year's Resolution sometime. It was a good few miles home,

but the route was simple enough. I also had the good sense to live in an area so topologically dull that the feature most resembling a hill was the raised round-a-bout in the town centre. An hour into my walk I lost my original hubristic pride in exercising and was now regretting my decision rather a lot. To make matters worse, the drunken glaze had also been

wiped off my mind, and I remembered that I had left my car at the party. At some point, I would have to walk back again to retrieve it from their drive. Now in a foul mood, I trudged onwards in the bitter cold. Eventually, I reached more familiar roads, then my little street, and finally, my own poky rented apartment. Shuffling past the piles of post and assorted shoes I made my way

into the living room cum bedroom and collapsed on my sofa cum bed. I do not know when I fell asleep, but when I awoke the world had ended. ***

- there will be more, I just thought I'd pop this up as a work in progress, and this seemed a convenient place to pause. It was based off a friend's dream, so you can't blame me for when it gets weird(er). Love, Sy. x

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