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A short poem story from a different perspective.


Once through the woods, On a walk, did I spy, A single, yellow, Dandelion.

It stood proud and alone, Its faults still unknown, Dancing gently, Twirling in the breeze.

'Dandelion,' I said, 'This is not your place. In the dark, Amongst the trees'

And Dandelion replied, 'Will you cast me out? Or will you simply, Let me be.'

To this, I was thrown, Who was right, Who was wrong, On which side did I stand?

'But the woods is no place, For a flower, Such as you. Like an ocean is to a man.'

And Dandelion sighed, And bunched up their leaves, 'Listen, I will tell you,'

'I dance in the breeze, In the woods, with the trees, And I am free to do, As I please. 'I am not constrained by your values, Your have-nots, And have-yous, And what is right, Is what I choose.

'So I ask, leave me be, I am here, I am free, And that is the truth of the matter. 'Thus, I bid you good-day, But here will I stay, In my woods, All alone, I'm content.'

So I left Dandelion, In the woods, all alone, To the breeze and the trees, And contentment.

I walked to the meadow, Where the grasses are sweet, Where flowers all dance, Soft and mellow.

And I told them my story, Of the sight, I had seen, And we tried so hard to be kind.

But oh, what a sight! First a snigger, out of spite And then, We all laughed, At Dandelion.

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