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sy Hgnf Dobble Bla!
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Sight is a funny thing.


I stand at the edge of the land, The grass ceded to moss, And then to rock, And then - Nothing.

Down, down, down it stretches, The yawning, gaping maw, Jagged rocks gnash, Becoming teeth, And then - Nothing.

If I fell, I know that I would die, There would be nothing, No saving grace, No mercy from, This barren, Broken, Land.

And yet, and yet, I feel nothing. The ground does not rush - Nothing meets me, I alone am free, From vertigo. For all I see, Is flat.

Two-dimensional is my world, As if a photograph had been Burned upon my retina. Flat is My world. How can I see this Chasam stretch away when all I Know has been stretched to an Atom's thickness, thinner even.

I have no fear of this cliff for I Do not know it. What is height To me but an unquantifiable Measure? What is depth to me But a stranger? I alone am Ignorant, and how sweet that Is, to be the one to laugh at the

Rocks. Hah! I say, you do not, Know me, land, and I do not Know you - I am as shrouded in Mist as your peaks. Your Sublime powers cannot impress Upon my mind. For you... have Become as weak as the pebble.


Okay, this is a heavily, HEAVILY romanticised version of events. It is true, I have no depth perception. I cannot 'sense' how far away something is whatsoever. I can make damn good guesses from intuition and cues, for example, using the known height of an object and how it appears at certain distances.

However, I am still clumsy and seem to fail at what others take for granted, like not spilling boiling tea all over myself. It is also why I laugh at those who have depth complaining that they can't catch things. Darling, you have no idea how lucky you are. I'm not complaining about it really, in the grand scheme of disabilities it is pretty much the

most minor issues to have, and seeing as I have never had depth, my brain has adapted to cope without. I just thought I'd let you into my world as I'm sure being without depth is as bizarre to you as having depth-perception is to me (how the hell do you cope with knowing - feeling even - that things are behind things?!)

On a serious note though, if you experience double vision/headaches for unknown reasons, do have yourself checked out by an optometrist. I never realised that I had no depth until I was 18 because I never knew what depth was, and knowing that now has made things far easier. Also also, if you do have no depth, please make sure you are legally allowed to

drive/operate machinery etc, because in the U.K. I'd need to be professionally signed-off to do those things and it's far safer than having an accident. That is all, Sy. x

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