Armchair Judge.

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sy There we go
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A faced paced poem on the media. Not great but ah well

Armchair Judge.

Quick! Tell me the story, Give me the skinny- post me the chase. Wind me up, tease the low down, The when, the who, the why place, You're king, now flash me that crown.

Inform me with what I need to know, Cut the fat but chew it too - Don't digress, digest the facts in hand, Let me sup this newsreel stew. Blare the headline! The zap and pow, Opine your analysis loud,

Get on your soap box, have it all out, Convince that massing crowd. Pair it down to bite-sized chunks, Force it through like slurry, Quicker now, give me more - Hurry, Hurry, Hurry!

Hold the front page. What's this? Something new? Well, they say that the cycle ain't kind. You're defunct, forgotten, who cares what you think, You're old news - Out of sight, out of mind.

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