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Apology Chocolates.

Every so often, Each one of us, Has had to apologise. Either through guilt, Or through being made to. Mainly being made to. And you go up,

To whomever it is, That you have wronged, Grit your teeth, And say - "I'm sorry." Then, you wait. Sometimes they say,

"I accept your apology." And sometimes they say, "Sod off." Now, to maximise the chance of the first response, one can use bribery. (Can, not should. It does diminish sincerity.)

One might come with flowers, Or, a handwritten note, "Sorry I ran over your cat." For a big mistake, - That involves lawyers with personalised stationary - Money. And flowers. Just to be safe.

But, one must be wary - The wrong bribe will have an adverse effect. You'd have to apologise twice. "Sorry I ran over your cat." And, "Sorry I apologised by writing 'sorry' and not actually having the guts to tell you ."

Therefore, Either find the perfect bribe, Or play it safe. Chocolates. Everyone likes chocolate. There was once a man who murdered 15 people, And the judge let him off,

Because the man gave all the families of all the victims, 20 chocolate bars. Each. And he didn't even need to pay for damages. But, this is just one example, There are plenty more cases for further proof.

You can go for the simple - A milk chocolate selection, Perhaps, the sophisticated, The dark, 70% cocoa. For children, Or those whose taste buds stopped developing aged six, There's the white.

Alternatively, Chocolate cake, Chocolate fudge, Chocolate massage oils. (Maybe not that last one.) And, from the light, To the serious,

Chocolate can suit any occasion. You can even, Apologise for eating someone's chocolate, With chocolate! Truly, Is there anything,

That cannot be forgiven, When presented with, - From one of the posh shops, That one only visits at Christmas and Mum's birthday - The really fancy, Chocolatier's Selection Tray?

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