After the Paramedics.

  After the Paramedics. school stories

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tender, is this not.

After the Paramedics.

After the paramedics, We sent the children. Little boys, little girls, With boots and bayonets, And artificial ranks.

The last line of defence of this, Great Nation. Proud soldiers, each one - They did not surrender, They did not know the meaning of the word.

The army was lost first, then the warships capsized, Planes fell like burning angels, And reserves were shrouded in flags. Police, paramedics, never politicians, And so, to the trenches, cadets.

They used to play war-games, Invisible rifles and air-ammunition, Scraped knees were battle-scars. And now, they play war-games again.

Unshaven, for there was nought to shave, Unarmoured, for there was nought that fit, Untrained, for what time was there, save to Unquestioningly, follow orders to fight.

School masters counted empty seats, Those left, too weak to employ. The chalk screamed in silence, And the bells rang, tolling the end, Of lessons, for the classrooms of ghosts.

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