A eulogy for a god.

   A eulogy for a god. power stories

sy There we go
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Eulogies do not have to be sad.

A eulogy for a god.

When you die, Be it not in vain, Let the heroes of war Scream your name, With their flag bourne high - As they set through That lonely battle plain.

When you die, Be there no shame, Let the champing horse Know your name, And at the trumpet - Rears up high, To toss his heavy, blood-soaked mane.

When you die, Take care of those slain, We’ll grieve with the mothers, And the wives remain. Care for them well - And the graveside flowers Shall die with their pain.

When you die, May there be bounty gain. Let the blind ones see, The walk of those maim, The joyful splendour - Of peace prevail, At the wonder of your name.

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