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Thank you all so much!


It is that time of year again where I thank you lot in return for following me and reading my drivel. I am of the opinion that you probably all need your heads examined, but what do I know. I'm scheduled for a lobotomy next week. The doctors say it will improve things. Anyway, to say thank you this time I was struggling to come

up with anything, so forgive me if this seems like an indulgence to vanity but I used up all my creativity on silly stories for you (so really, it's all your fault). So, here goes. For 24 hours (probably more if you post later because I like the attention) I will me hosting an Ask Me (*Almost) Anything . Ask as much as you like, in whatever order you choose.

The rules: 1. *Almost - please no personal questions like my age or my thoughts on salamanders 2. Please put your questions in either English or Latin, any other languages will be guessed at or run through translate and hilarity will ensue (which, of course, is forbidden) 3. That's it! Now ask lots of

things because I'm very insecure and will cry otherwise. P.S. Love you all for putting up with me and encouraging me to write, its been such a wonderful thing to do and I think it honestly has given me more confidence in my work and my life :) Sy. x

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