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swizzlemalarky *TW* Not in the best place lately
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Something you might need to hear


Everyone wears it but no one's is quite the same;

It's different in color, shape, and size, and every type is beautiful

Whether it's decorated with the speckles of the sun or the marks of change, it is unique to you.

It is drawn in such magnificent detail that was made to be admired

And no matter how hard you might try to deny it to yourself, it is stunning and crafted in perfect detail

It is a masterpiece that is often overlooked or shamed, but it shouldn't be.

Our hands have individual codes hidden on our fingertips in plain sight

Our faces have different structures and features to reflect the people that came before us and what is to come

We are made of things too small to be seen or appreciated but they are still there.

We are all bones underneath this surface

So matter what your preference is overtop them, remember we are all human;

We all have the same bones underneath this skin.

So remember, treat every face you see with kindness

For they are as cleverly crafted as you are, and more complex than you could possibly know

The skin is only the beginning to how stunning they really are.

It is easy to get uncomfortable in; easy to bruise, scar, and stretch

So, please, use it to spread positivity to the next person you see

And remind them just how beautiful they are.

They deserve to know it.

Thank you. :') ~swizzlemalarky

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