Those Brown Eyes
Those Brown Eyes teenfiction stories
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My music was my only focus, until I saw her.

Those Brown Eyes

by bezaury

"Why don't you come over to my house later? We can listen to it together." She said leaning in a bit on the reception desk, squeezing her breasts together.

​Rose was a beautiful girl with medium blonde hair, green eyes like mine, round pink lips and a perfect model body.

"Thanks, but I'm not a fan of Babylon Zoo." I flashed her a quick friendly smile trying to show that I wasn't interested in her offer.

​She was a beautiful girl that I had no interest in.

​"That's fine, I'll see you later then." She seductively nibbled on her bottom lip and smiled back at me before walking out of the record store.

​My band mate Ronnie shook his head in disappointment as he stood up from the chair to help me close the store.

​"Mate, what's your problem?" He asked walking towards me "Rose's beautiful and it's obvious that she's into you."

​"But I'm not into her and it wouldn't be nice to lead her on" I shrugged "Now help me close this place, the gang will be here in a minute."

​The other fellas arrived in our band van to pick us up and we quickly headed out to Ronnie's garage to rehearse.

Our band wasn't well known, but that never demotivated me.

​Of course I wanted to be succesful, I was pretty confident about our music

​But even if we weren't the next Beatles, music was still my first love and as long as I was involved with it, I'd be happy.

​After a few hours of herearsal we hopped into our van once more and made our way to the pub we were supposed to play.

Ronnie, Tom, Dave and I chatted and joked around as we sipped on black beer and set up our instruments in the backstage waiting for the previous band to finish their performance.

​We played in pubs all the time and every single time I had a ffluttery feeling in my stomach.

​My hands were sweating and I felt extremely anxious, but I knew all of that would go away as soon as I started to play.

​"Alright buddies, it's our turn" Dave said twirling his drumsticks. I finished my beer in one sip and made my way to the stage with them.

​Like I predicted, once I began to play the anxiousness vanished and only the happiness of doing what I loved to do remained with me in that stage.

​My fingers dominated the strings of the electric guitar and I felt like we were playing in Knebworth. ​ I played with my heart and soul, my music was my only focus.

​Until I saw her.

​During the entire performance I couldn't take my eyes off of her and for my surprise, she couldn't either.

Who was her?

I didn't know, but I had to find out.

​ After the performance I took a quick look at the place, but her table was empty. She had left and I didn't even know her name.

​As I turned around to go find my mates I saw her on the bar with her friends. I didn't think twice before walking over there.

​I was nervous and my the palms of my hands began to sweat.

Why was I nervous? I wasn't going to performer, it was just a girl.

Just a beautiful girl...

"H-Hi" I stuttered "I'm Mason Alexander. I mean, just Mason."

"Really? That's the best you can do, knobhead?" I thought to myself ready to walk away after my shaming approach.

"Hi, Just Mason. I'm Clara Safira." She paused and looked right into my eyes making that flutterly sensation in my stomach return "Well, just Clara if you want." She added.

​"Can I buy you a drink?" I smiled nervously.

​My eyes followed hers as she looked to the full pint in front of her and then back at me.

​ "Can I wait until you finish your drink so I can buy you another one?" A short chuckle escaped from her lips turning my pale cheeks into two tomatoes.

Great, my stupid self was messing it up.

Her friends stood up grabbing their pursers and the three of them mumbled a few words that I wasn't able to understand.

They were probably discussing how pathetic I was.

Her friends walked out of the pub and she turned around to face me again. ​"So, about that drink..." She paused.

"The more the merrier, right?" She flashed me a smirk and I did the same as I sat down besides her.

I was nervous at first, but the more we talked the more comfortable I got around her. She was sweet, funny, sarcastic, gentle and beautiful.

​There was a moment her lips were moving, but I didn't hear a thing because I was hypnotized by her beauty.

​Clara Safira, eighteen years of age and majoring in English at Bristol University.

​Clara had medium brown skin, long dark brown hair, full bow-shaped red lips that turned into an amazing smile ​ And those eyes...

​Those captivating light brown eyes outlined by long black eyelashes.

​ God, she was gorgeous.

​ The conversation was flowing so naturally and we were so into it that we lost track of time.

I walked her home since her flat wasn't far from the pub, so we had some extra minutes together.

​ "Thanks for walking me home, but we're not gonna kiss." She smirked causing me to laugh.

​ "I wasn't expecting a kiss in return, but that doesn't mean I wasn't thinking about it." I smirked back at her, making her cheeks turn into a light shade of pink.

​ "Good night, just Mason." She flashed me one of her sweet beautiful smiles and walked into the building, leaving me outside staring at the door with a goofy smile of my own.

​ That night I just wanted to make some money and spread the word about my band, do what I loved to do.

​ But after I saw her I felt something different, my music was no longer my only focus.

When I saw her I felt like something was about to happen. Hell, I wanted for something to happen.

​Maybe I was wrong, maybe there was nothing to happen, maybe she was just a girl that I'd never see again.

​But I didn't want that, her company was too precious to simply let go and erase from my mind.

Something inside of me was telling me that I had to see Clara again.

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