WHO AM I ?! anger stories

surreal-realist I'm 19y.o . I'm from Latvia .
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Who am I , when I don't understand who I'm . Life is so crazy, so quick, you can't figure it out .


This free mans world World with free speach But most of us Can't even speak out loud. Thats how I feel Four walls around me Lightning cigarette Me and myself ,in four walls

Two different mindsets In my head , what should I do Dealing with myself All day ,all night trought But I won't tell anybody Cauze none will listen Keeping it all in myself But I don't know what I'm holding in

Deal with this , this is life What is the life struggles When you can't even deal with yourself Feeling like there is fight merging in my mind Those different mindsets Be better friend ,be better man There is no point in trying Live your life as you want

Time limit rushing me up My head ,has gone in mess What should I do Two lifes with one face Act it up , act like you are okey No man, say everything No one has to know whats going on Man tell everyone , that mess ,SCREAM IT OUT

Free mans world Can't even speak freely Hiding it all from them Those around you Can't even figure out Whats going on my mind Cauze it looks ,like everything is good Even it is more fucked ,than ever

Why I'm writing this Tho whom you will show this man To the closest ones Even if they are so far away I'm not holding it in I'm holding everything in Mindsets fighting for speach Who am I? 

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