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Two lovers go out to sea to escape the harsh prosecution Tadashi faces. < br/>Tradgety strikes, and Tadashi is left alone... < br/>Maybe forever...

Wrecked Shifter

by supersabercat

One day, two lovers set sail to escape their problems. One was a normal girl named Mia. The boy was a shifter named Tadashi.

Tadashi was laughing with Mia, and plants a quick kiss on her cheek. Then, Mias' dad appears with her older brother from below deck. At that moment, a storm broke loose...

The brother and father died and the ship was destroyed. Tadashi and Mia wash up on a beach hopelessly far from home and medical help...

Tadashi woke first, and used his senses to find his true love. He finds her with a huge gash in her back. He struggles to save her life, but cannot. She dies in the night.

Tadashi wakes to find his OTP dead and a bunch of wolves. Tadashi tries to chase them away. The alpha male pins him down and whispers, "You are not dreaming. Tadashi, we've been waiting. "

Afraid, Tadashi shifts and tosses the wolf from him. The alpha sighs, "Son, please... " "Tadashis' jaw slams into the ground. He sobs, "Dad? "

Tadashi had never met his father. He had lived with his crazy mom all his life. He was overjoyed to have a father!

Then, Tadashi sees the bled out body of his love. He falls into tears and howls to the endless sky above his Wolfy maw. His insides felt ripped open. Like he was nothing without her.

His father leads him down a forest path and to a special spot in the woods. When they reach the cave, Tadashi is told it is his home. The wolf tells him that the wolf pack is his family.

Tadashi soon was visited by another male wolf his age, with tawny fur and blue eyes. The wolf tells Tadashi what to do at a special ceremony he had to take part in.

Having no other choices, he attends the ceremony. The other wolves were also shifters, which Tadashi hadn't known until now. His father awaits at the end of an aisle made of bent trees

He followed the path, wolves howling with mad glee. He watched as the alpha drew nearer to him and then decided to shift down to be his Wolfy self.

Running at top speeds, Tadashi howled to reply to the cry of the alpha wolf and the other wolves. Then, he sees someone standing there with a dumb grin...

He shifts back and Mia throws herself at him. It had been two weeks since she had died, which puzzled Tadashi to no end.

Tadashi asks, "How are you alive? " She sighs, "They got you to bite my shoulder in your sleep. I shifted , and you saved my life. Thank you, Tadashi. "

Crying with joy, Tadashi wraps her into a hug and they both cry. The alph wed them then and there, and Tadashi made some rings. They went on as lovers do. They even passed paw in paw.


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