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A teaser chapter from my story from the Journey of the Phoenix series on another site.

Daughter of the Phoenix teaser

by supersabercat

I follow the now glowing golden bricks. They go out as I step on them. I walk, mainly becuase this part of the woods seems full of magic. Also because it's beautiful.

I don't dare stop, but instead try and absorb my surroundings all at once. I stroll along, twirling ever now and then. Animals are everywhere, watching me sadly.

It's like they think I'm a funeral procession. Then, I take a corner. I see an old door, surrounded by plants, a lantern and glowing stone on the wall nearby.

I grab the lantern, and stride forwards. I see a warning, and push the plants aside. I see a diagram, not a warning. Then, words appear.

The sign reads in beautiful gold writing, "Touch the stone, you with the heart bigger than ever shown. A path lead you here, my dear. Touch the stone, to show how much you've grown...

...Your father was dear, but he is no longer here. To continue his legacy, his daughter destiny. Touch the stone, you with the heart bigger than ever shown."

I touch the stone, and the door opens. I walk in. I suddenly feel really warm, and secure. A trench coat with a few burnt spots is fitting itself to me.

A fedora is positioned to hide my face. What? I scratch my back, and touch something. I reach across my chest with both hands, forming an X.

I grab two handles, and gently guide my arms back to my sides. Silver flashes across my vision like a flash.

I step back, and realize I'm in an old coliseum over grown with moss. It's beautiful. I look at my arms, and see two errily familiar swords there. The swords are obviously brothers. Twins.

Twins... I feel a connection, and swing them with expertise of a vetran swordsman. I smile, and breath in gently. A voice echoes, "Sasha?"

I turn around, and see no one. I turn back around, and see no one. I ask, "Anyone out there?"

The voice replies, "No. You forgetting me already? That's how riders get into so much trouble. Forgetting about their dragons."

I call, "Elliot?" He lands before me, no one on his back. He sees my odd attire, and stumbles backwards. He turns a gastly pale silver in the moon light.

He sighs, "Your father is sick. Come. We're going home. Put your swords away, and take those off!" I slip them in a bag subconsciously, even though before I never had a messanger bag.

I step onto Elliots neck, and position myslef. He takes off, and I feel a tugging on my back. I flex my muscles, and take to the air with a leap.

Elliot growls, "No! Stop! No flying, damn it!" I look at him with anguish. I ask, "Why?"

He grabs me suddenly, tallons pressing down on me. He drops me when we get home ten minutes later. Then, he lands on me while I'm laying down. I cry in pain, and struggle free.

I run inside, trying to escape my pscho dragon. I run through random doors, and soon find my family crowded around a bed. I rush to it, and see a dead man. I choke, and the mans' eyes open.

He smiles. He chuckles, "I have passed the torch as my dad did before me. Vampires can only live forever once. I love you...."

He cups my cheek, and everyone seems in shock. I hold it, and he dies. Right there.

No reviving. No sudden flame in the room. Just quiet. I feel a tingling of numbness when I set his hand back down.

I whisper, "I love you too." My vision blurs, and my hands sting. I walk away first, not wanting to linger.

I cry silently in my room. My hands have burns on them. That hurts. My heart is broken. That hurts too.

I look up, and see a figure there. I choke, "How'd you get in?" The figure hugs me, and I smell Coconut shampoo.

I smile, and hug my mom back. She smells a little like cigarettes. I cry now, feeling safe enough too. My heart burns with a new passion. Continuing  what was started much before me.

Protecting the dragons from ever disappearing again. I suddenly feel alone. I had been hugging my mom a literal second ago. Now, she has disinigrated. She's gone.

The house is empty. Why is the house so empty? I realize that they went to the funeral. I stay, not trusting myself to go. I sniffle and lock the door.

I take the items out of my bag, and smell them. Dad? I smell smoke, fire wood, a hint of... of... cinnamon? Really? I hold the hat now, and notice how clean it is.

Yet, you know it's old. It's seen many things. I look to the window, and see a small snowflake in the glass. I touch it, and flames leap up my arm.

I back away. The flame stays on my arms. My muscles flex, and two huge sails extend from my back.

The wind sways my hair, and I feel like a comfortable darkness is settling with in me. I feel a rush, and all my fears disappear. I sense my powers change.

I think back to the sign. I will continue his legacy. Even if it takes all I have. Even if it kills me. I will protect the dragons and the other fantastic creatures.

They are my dearest family, and I protect my family. I realize something, and look at my wings. Black bat wings. New strength. Did... I choke down my sobs.

He gave me his powers and the clothes of the Dragon Gaurdian. He used all his power to protect them, and invested it in me. I put the clothes on, the very ones Elliot told me not to wear.

Suddenly, my phone buzzes. The date is an entire month later than when dad had died. I rise to my senses, and a warm gas covers my body.

I open the door, heart nearly shattering when my mom's there. She sees me, and chokes, "It's like he's there instead of you." I hug her, and my eyes flick to my brother behind her.

My envious twin. I know he won't forgive me for this. Maybe he never will. But, as dad said, Vampires only live forever once.


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