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I'm not an extrovert, no. Not an introvert either. Not a slut, a popular bitch or a brainless bimbo. No wait. I am. All of these. And none of these.


by superhazza

They said that I should stop being so quiet. They really want to talk to me. Spend time with me. I do too. But I don't know how.

Does that make sense?

Of course it doesn't. *dejected sigh*

It's like the universe is trying to tell me that I'm so out of place that I don't even fit the stereotypes. *harsh laugh* Neither a nerd nor a bitch. Not a shy girl but not a wild girl either.

Just a clueless freak.

Who doesn't belong. At all. Even with others who are rejected by the society. Rejected by humanity.

I heard him talking yesterday to his friends. He think I talk too much. I talk nonsense. He wants a shy sweet girl. Not a blabbering dumb idiot. Is that what I am? A blabbering dumb idiot?

Or is that what I should be?

This keeps getting harder. I'm losing my identity. *shudders*

I'm losing myself.

It feels like I've been pushed into a deep void. A colourful void. So colourful that it hurts my eyes. It makes my head hurt. It makes me scream. It makes me want to hurl something.

Hurt something.

Hurt someone.

No no no. What am I saying? Who am I talking to? Who are you? You're going to hurt me, aren't you?

Tear me apart, trait by trait. You want to know who I am. *harsh shriek*

Well then. Go ahead. Go ahead and pull out each piece.

Why, you ask? *broken laughter*

You won't find anything.

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