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This poem is written by me! I write all my poems!

Go Away Love

Love, oh love, where do I start

You mislead me, you abused me

You trick me into your devilish lies

You give me a false sense of hope

Because every time I talk I feel I am getting closer

But I am actually drifting farther apart

Driving a deep wedge from our love

Why do I bother trying

Why do I ever love

A plastic heart that contributes nothing

More manipulative than the best lawyer

Because when my hopes are high

They go sinking down the drain

I can’t give up the fight

When I need to give up the fight

Fight or flight, I just wanna fly away

This game is too insane

Everyday your obsessed with the same person

Your eyes glued when you want to unglue them

Go away love

Go away every lonely night

Crying into my pillow

Thinking obsessively about them

But they won’t answer

Every moment cherish

To make an impression

But impressions won’t be enough

You know they don’t care

Despite how hard you try to forget

But you are too determined

But you just need to forget about it all

Forget about them

But love attracts to you like a magnet

Every suction sticks

When I want it to unstick

What is it so attracting?

Why do I want to come back for more?

When I know I will fail

Fall head first with no cushion

I try to go with the flow

Try to be myself

But nothing will work

Nothing will fit

The puzzle pieces won’t match

Go away love

Your worth nothing to me

You lied you cheated you played me

You used me as your punching bag

You use me as your test object

Too see how we will react

To the rejection

To the thought of failure

I am onto your dirty tricks

I know what you want to see is failure

Why do you want to see me fall

Why am I test subject

I am human too

I need love too

I don’t wanna dable and go

I desire the same affection

Yet my heart is the greatest liar

My heart is the greatest sinner

Everyday it tries to pull me in the wrong direction

Why do I have to suffer this force

I just need to let go

But I can’t let go

Everything falls down like a broken cliff

Thinking and shaking

Staring into your eyes


But knowing

That my goal is impossible

My standards set

And knowing I can’t meet those

When my heart tricks me I can

Is why I spend my nights

Looking at sad comics

Thinking I will be lonely forever

Mind manipulates me

Guess my mind is a sinner too

My whole body becomes Pinocchio

Lying that I can do this

That I can receive love

From someone that my heart connects too

But they don’t connect back

So I just wanna let go

“No don’t let go”

“There is always a chance”

“The odds may work out”

But they never work out

They always come back to haunt me

So let’s face reality

My love won’t love me back

So all I have to say is

Go away love

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