Fiji Calls - Chapter 1
Fiji Calls - Chapter 1  thriller stories

suntoonPouring it all out
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Meeka lives in the Metropolitan City of Rock Town with her grandparents; life has been lonely for her.
Little did she know that a world of full adventure and mystery is waiting for her to explore.
Will Fiji come calling?

Fiji Calls - Chapter 1

She came home tired from work. Nothing to eat at home, except some eggs and ramen noodles left in the fridge.

As she lives with her grandparents, who're in their 90's, Meeka doesn't want to bother them with housework and cooking.

Before leaving to work, everyday, she cooks porridge and some vegetables for them.

Off late things have gotten a little tiring. She has to work harder and longer hours to keep up with the medical bills.

Her parents were no longer in the country. They moved to Fiji ages ago to cater for her brother Kilaui. Kilaui wanted to become a professional surfer.

Well, at least he is still trying, last she heard.

Her parents never really bothered to keep in touch with her. There were the occasional cheque they would send. And their Christmas wishes.

Apart from that all these years there was never any visit from them.

Meeka too has never been to Fiji as flight tickets are not cheap.

Her grandparents took care of her when she was a tiny kid. Mom and dad were never around. And one day, just like that they took off to Fiji leaving everything and everyone behind.

Till today she never understood why they had to move so hurriedly. Meeka always felt they were hiding something and it wasn't just her brother's surfing career they were interested in.

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