How We Met
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Amos Descartes details the year he met Estelle Grimm.

How We Met

by sunshowered

This is how we met:

We met in New Year, and it was one hell of a way to kickstart the year. Seriously.

My parents were already sleeping by the time the fireworks started. How they did that with all the noise in the background, I didn't know. It's definitely weird, I agree with you on that.

Meanwhile, I was still awake. I stood by the window sill, watching the fireworks.

Ever since I was a kid, I loved the way an array of colors exploded in the sky, leaving at its wake smoke, ashes, and dust.

When it ended, I decided to take a walk.

The night was a lot colder than I expected, and I found myself wrapping my hoodie tighter around my body.

As I was passing our high school, I heard something.

It was the sound of the ball hitting a bat.

Curious, I walked towards the baseball field to see who (or what) was making that sound.

And that's when I saw you.

To be continued ...

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