I just want to exist in the same life as you...
I just want to exist in the same life as you... love stories

sunsetatmidnite I oppose the light, I gather the storms
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My existence is not the same without her. I question what is it without her, and how her vastly different existence complements mine. Another text with an absurd amount of references by me.

I just want to exist in the same life as you...

What is an universe without events? What is a winter without summer?

What is a life without experiences? What is living without experimenting?

What is death without life? What is a shadow without light?

What is a day alive without doing anything? What is a night without stars?

What are experiences without consciousness? What is hope without experiencing hopelessness?

What is light without darkness?What is progress without knowing regress?

What is love without knowledge? What is a craving without sincerety?

What is a wish without an objective? What is knowledge without questioning?

What is a body without a soul? What is sanity without stability?

What is a decision without a will? What am I without you?

What is my existence without yours? An universe filled with nothing

A life without living An existence without existing

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