As a bridge, and as a person
As a bridge, and as a person despair stories
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sunsetatmidnite I oppose the light, I gather the storms
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I don't want to be the journey, I want to be the destination. I don't want to be a chapter, I want to be the whole story...

As a bridge, and as a person

How many lives am I connecting? How many fates have I sealed?

How many things were started from here? How many things have ended after going through here?

How many have used these foundations to gave at life? How many lives did I change just standing here?

How many have ended their lives using me? How can there be so much contrast in just one thing?

How long will I be here for, connecting places, people, starting stories or ending them? How many see me as a symbol rather than just an object?

I am so many things but still just one Can a person also be a bridge?

How many lives have found each other in me? How many times was I a journey and not the destination?

How many times have I ended a chapter of a life? How many things have I brought together to one?

I don't want to connect, I don't want to be a chapter, I want to be the whole story Why do things connect through me, just passing by, never to stay and be a part for them?

Why do I carry so many people, so many memories but nothing does the same for me? Why do I carry so many faces to remember everyday but no one even knows who I am anymore?

Stories start and end through me, but what, or who, will be here to stay? I don't want to be a bridge, be it as object or person

Who did you find through me? Because I have never found anything else than you, after the universe has brought us together

I can't call the greatest loss and tragedy, the greatest dead hope, a past achievement I can't call an old dream, killed in times of hope, brought back to life amidst dark times and after destroying old words, for then to be destroyed again, a wish coming true

I can't call a life stopped in time, lived for years in a dreadful wait, something that once made sense Still... like a bridge

I can't call the biggest fall, an abyss, the place where I have found light You are not my light if you have given me the most intense feeling of despair I have ever experienced

You don't find yourself in lost hopes I will be my own tall bridge to end my story if I need to, that moment will arrive, someday

As any bridge, I either get destroyed by someone to get replaced, or lost to time to become a decaying ruin I stand in my place, having stood the test of time for what I feel

These waters below me hold the tears of many souls, and their remains, as they will also hold the last seconds of my story

I am a person, I am a bridge, I am slowly becoming a ruin and a shadow of what I once was

And I ask you, what to pursue if there is nothing here for you? What to pursue if there is nothing you really aim for?

Life is not appealing if you are not born for it

What is a life without dreams? What is a whole life without joy?

I will answer you

You will feel nothing but despair

Your emotions will be filled with dread, pure dread

Life is not life if you wish you were not alive

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