An old dream vs. an old nightmare
An old dream vs. an old nightmare nightmare stories

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In a side, a dream was becoming true, while on the other side, a nightmare was taking place.

An old dream vs. an old nightmare

The New Spring once patiently waited for the Winter Waited, waited, and waited Days gone by, nothing real, only a strong hope

Weakened by time, from the Sunset At Midnight to the Night At Noon The Sun was setting early, everyday The night had been persistent all the time

Even with the early sunsets, the days were still long Hours would be spent staring at walls Days would be wasted only dreaming, imagining

Nothing real was made, still A Summer was the constant dream... Suddenly, the Sunset At Midnight didn't mean anything anymore The gentle rain was an outburst of pain

Days were not the same anymore The burden of unsaid words and unsent letters was too much to carry The burden of an impossible dream and unreachable happiness was nothing but pain, and pain

So close, but so far A Summer was the constant dream... and only a dream... So a Summer the Spring become

Suddenly, a new world of possibilities away from the pain was available It stole the Sun... All the unsaid words were not a problem anymore

All the pain was forgotten as new memories were to be created The best part about memories is making them, right?

I like my mornings cold, but the warmth of hope and joy are more than welcome, even at the height of Summer Why battle, my friend, a lost battle?

Suddenly, the Sun went away, never to be seen anymore The burden of the "what ifs" is heavy Suddenly, days were unbearable, nights were sleepless

Oversleeping or just not sleeping was normal And then I say... good memories are created, to be remembered

As the voice of reason and melody will continue to be heard It brings joy and sorrow... as the silence reigns over We have so much to remember and so much we don't want to remember

The more we want to forget, the more we remember He asked... what good are memories with no one to stand beside you? What good are memories if those you made them with despise you?

Suddenly, the story is left behind A new world is there, ready to be discovered An old dream that was once so far away is now a reality

The New Summer stole the universe Why are there so many broken souls in this city? They were shining before...

Once again I'm reminded that these walls are made to contain their sorrows As the world holds the weight of our pain

Ah, the old words... they will never matter anymore The slices of time, the frozen moments... will never look the same, will never feel the same The Winter was killed, in the Spring

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