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The Title="Anna has been Released.! "Now what's going to happen?"

YES! The Three Heroes were having their morning meal with Mom on a Sunny warm day when out of the expected our phone rang and rang while Mom leapt up from her chair to answer it. Who could it be calling this early in the morning? After mom had a one way conversation with another person. She asked that person if they could hold on a few minutes so she could answer their BIG QUESTION OF the day. What do you think Mom asked us? Could you even begin to know what us three heroes responded with to Mom? Read this cute and endearing fiction animal, mystery and adventure story to find out....

"Anna has been released." "Now what's going to Happen ?" Happy is wondering these thoughts in his mind now.. Thanks Readers! For all my followers readers, fan s and friends.

One Sunny warm day while we were all in the kitchen eating our morning meal together. Our phone rang, rang and rang till mom had been able to leap out of her kitchen chair to answer it....

Mom listened and answered a few questions. It seemed to really be. a one way chat for. a little bit of TIME.... Before she asked...

"Please could I put you on hold so I may ask this question to the rightful party?" Apparently it was okay as mom took the phone...

away from her ear and asked, "Heroes do you still wish to say farewell to Anna?"

"YES! YES!" Eddie and I said. Happy, the black puppy barked twice and...

and after running around in circles and freely thumping on our kitchen floor still barking..

a few more times with a BiIG DOGGIE GRIN. Before beginming to pant and Pant beside Mom's heels.

Mom had been given some directions and an address. Then she had hung up the receiver. And turned to us. "Okay Boys let's finish our meal and get...

ready to go out and say our...

"Farewells to Anna." "Yes!, if you wish you may give her a hug and a gentle peck on her cheek. But Happy...

continue being a gentleman." "Who ME?" He said, with this EXPRESS- ION!"

"Of course you Happy. No Jumping on Anna!" Have you Boys Completed your meal yet?"a "YES!"....

"YES MOM!" All 3 of them SHOUTED OUT ALOUD!! "Okay, then let's go!"

Mom led the way to where Mom already sorted their Pet Carriers' Into the car in their Garage.. "Are you. ready?....

H= Happy E= Eddie P= Peter Mom's at the wheel. [ ]= Empty

Are you ready to go see Anna?" "Off to her Family?"


"Okay Heroes It's time to leave. Let's head to our car now. I have a Special Surprise for you Boys' today!"...

"We're off to our car...

"Are all my Boys Ready Now for THEIR SPECIAL Treat Now?" "All in and ready to go?"....

"Then Off We Zip And Zoom to Your Treat?" "Before we knew It here We were "WOW!!"

"Yum yum! May I try this Mom ?" Happy aaked. "You're sure you want to try this Happy?" "If so, go Ahead once We say grace.". Mom replied. " Thanks Mom!" "I (Happy) said.

"Also a pretty Lady with Red Frames" Eddie Replied. "She smiled at me...."

"Thanks Mom for the neat Cafe's food, Birdsl dogs, Etc....!"

"Yah for Mom!" "THANKS!"

"Hey Mom this is a super Deluxe Treat!" "Thanks Mom!" "NOW WHAT?"

"Ok Heroes It's time to head for Home Now!" "Are All of you Ready to go home now?" Mom asked.

"Woof ! woof!" "We are Mom!"

"WOW!" "We're Home Already! "Yes, we are let me get you all free so you can Unwind before super.

"Sounds good!" I said.

Skateboarded till mom said, "Enough. Boys!"

"Boys come Quick to the Kitchen!" "Can you see what's out our BIG kitchen window!"

All three of us went zip!


they be?" "I hope they will have at least ome playmate or so.?"

"WOW! Mom!" "Look who's come to visit us?" "What could that parrot's name be?"

The end of this part of this series. Who could this parrot be? Is he one of the new neighbors? How did this friendly parrot find us? What could his name be? Does he or she have a sharp mind yet be fun to know? Look for a new character to join the Three Heroes and Mom too.

Maybe this new friendly green and handsome parrot may be come one of the Heroes too? Will this new bird learn to skateboard too?

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