The Monster Under The Bed Copyright ©️2019 Written & Illustrated By Sunnyone

The Monster Under 
             The Bed
   Copyright ©️2019
Written & Illustrated
          By Sunnyone
                                monster stories

sunnyoneI enjoy reading good kids books, writing
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Maria, a little girl is alarmed by her sensed that there is a Monster
under the bed she sleeps on. Begs her mom not to make her sleep alone. As she is scared it will eat her. But will it? Or what will this monster do?

The Monster Under The Bed Copyright ©️2019 Written & Illustrated By Sunnyone

Copyright©️2019 Wri tten-Illustrated By Sunnyone

Maria is a little girl with long blonde hair and with sky blue eyes that she would use whenever she was pleading with her mom usually to try to get her point across.

"it's time to go to bed now, young lady!" Mom told Maria her daughter. " But Mom, I'm scared! There's a hairy monster under the bed, really! Please don't make me go to sleep in there all by myself!"

"Maria, you have a very vivid imagination. No! Go to bed!"

Yet Maria keeps on begging her mom to not have to go to bed in her own room. " But Mom there's a Big hairy MONSTER waiting under my bed who may very likely eat me up in one BIG GULP!" "Please? Oh please shesays in a tremb-

ling voice, sobbing with a BIG alligator tears streaming down her little cheeks...

Shortly after Mom has left Maria's room and had closed the door. Who comes crawling out from under the bed?

The MONSTER. is creeping out from

This MONSTER has crept all the way under Maria's bed. Turns around facing this little frightened and sobbing girl now. Now what's it going. to do? What will Maria do? will she..

go running out of her room and grab ahold of her Mom's On top and hold on for dear life or...

"Mom, don't you care? That MONSTER could grab me and eat me up in one gulp, please don't leave me in here alone, please?"

Shortly after mom was gone down to her bedroom. Something or someone begins to make some very odd sounds...

What is it saying? It sounds like "Zee Zen... What could it be? What might it be trying to say? But as it crawls out from under the bed he begins to talk like Maria does. What will he say or do next?

Will this hairy monster really attempt to grab and gobble her down, perhaps in one BIG gulp? This MONSTER has now slid out from under Maria’s bed. Now now?

No, this Monster advances slowly towards her and looks right at her face. She is so stunned and terrified that she continues to stay rooted to her bed. He then begins to speak softly

to Maria and in the same language even that Maria speaks. She has finally found her voice and to ask this Monster all kinds of questions but he puts what looks similar to a finger to

"I am also here to be your friend for a time. Hero says. "Will you really be both my Hero and friend?" Maria asks in astonishment.

"Let me share a few important skills and abilities that I have with you now Maria," "I can make myself invisible so only you can see and hear me but no one else. Not even your mom. I will be sticking right close beside you almost the whole time except when you enter a bathroom." And

"I even can beat some sense in those big bullies of yours so they will learn to have some respect and awe of you and will begin to start defending you after they flee from us first. " Hero continues on...

"Maria, those bullies will only see you at the time I choose to step into defend and fight for you." "The bullies will be amazed yet flee from. you once they come ...

to after first staring at you" " When is your next day of school and what time?" Maria replies, "tomorrow. Honest to goodness you will teach those four big bullies a Big lesson and be my Hero?"

"Yes! Now it's time for you to crawl back into your bed and get some sleep Maria!" "Good night!" Hero said.

Now we will fast forward to the time when Maria is walking to school alongside Hero who is invisible now only Maria sees and knows he's right beside her as they near her school who is there blocking the way?

The four Big Bullies The gang leader and the others have blocked the way

Maria tries to peaceful walk around them in one side but they prevent her from doing so over and over again. At which point the leader steps closer and ever closer and threatens to take her backpack that very likely has her lunch money tucked in there. Some

where and is about to try to push and shove her down as she says, "No! I won't let You take what's mine." Then just about the time that Hero sees this leader attempt to harm

Maria can you guess what might happens next?

POW! Wham!! POW! And BAM! Hero has knocked down the first two who has

ventured towards Maria to try to injure and Rob her. Then the last two boys attempt to do the very same thing. Will they win or Maria or will they, the bullies or....


Does this look like the bullies won? Or did

Hero and Maria? After a time when those Bullies came out of their stupor. they sat up and stared at...

Maria as they could not See Hero so they ventured that somehow... some way this little girl beat the daylights Out of all four of them and in short order, too. What will they do next?

They jump right up and flee for their lives...

After those four big babies who ran crying from the scene. Hero notices that almost everyone has gone inside and suggests that she Should climb upon his back with herbackpack and hold on tight...

did not want her to fall and get injured or to be tardy for her class.

Up, up and off they flew right to the school doors' steps where he landed smoothly in the sidewalk and lowered his back so she might slide off gently and quickly before sending her scooting inside the school doors ,

see you after school right here Maria where I will see you home safely one more time and to say, "Good- bye to her before taking off back to his own planet and people once again. The End Hope you all enjoy this and forgive any typos found here ,please? Thx for reading this story.

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