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"Can Anna Be Freed?". Can the 'Wild Life Rescue Health Line' team save Anna's life?
Plus, these Heroes meet their new neighbors after they bring Anna to a Wild Life Rescue Health Line. When they all arrive home they are astonished at who their new neighbors are: Paco, his mom Angie and dad Roy had just pulled up in front of the vacated house next door. Who could this Paco be?

Copyright ©️ 2019 All rights reserved. Sunnyone This is a fiction book. For all my COMMAFUL FOLLOWERS AND FANS!

One day we three heroes were having a fun day on the slides, swings, and the jungle gym, as well on our skateboards. All this was abruptly changed as Happy took off in the wrong direction and headed for the biggest Elm tree. I asked myself what is Happy hunting for now? We already ate our...

tasty lunch.

yet Happy acted as though he might have found a B I G J U I C Y BONE. I finally met up with Happy and leaped off my board. Boy was I terribly mistaken he did NOT FIND that juicy bone it was a....

A baby fledgling Robin. It looked as if had been injured and was it was goaning and crying from pain.

Happy and I into began asking it questions. "What's your name?" I asked, "My name is Anna." She babbled on and on...

Just about then Eddie joined us.

"WHAT'S GOING on over here Guys?" He asked us.

"Look! a broken wing Eddie!"

I said. "Shall I , go ... "

get mom and Urge her to come and...

She did! I was so proud of her.

"Sweetie, what is your name?" "It's Anna." " I'm so scared!" "I'm hurting a lot!" "Please could you help me?" Anna pleaded with big tears falling DOWN upon her cheeks.

"Yes dear!" Mom said.

" Sweet little Anna dear, you stay here wth my boys." Mom said. "Boys stay by her to keep her safe and warm. I am going to collect your skateboards as I go to collect our belongings and take them to our car. While I am there I will make some calls so I will know where to take Anna for...

her to get help. I am very proud of all my boys." "I'll be back as soon as possible to carry Anna and lead you boys in the right direction to our car." "Then I will get you all into your carriers." "After that we'll get Anna to a Wild Rescue Health Center where they will know how to give Anna the best of ..."

medical attention as possible for Anna." Mom was able to get all these tasks done, and drive there as speedily as she could with no traffic tickets on the way to the Wild Rescue Health Center, where they immediately began caring for little Anna!

When we finally arrived home our new neighbors also pulled up in front of the house, which had been vacant for a long time. Mom offered to help them just as soon as she had us out of our carriers and gave us some water.

But Roy the man of the house told Mom, "We will begin tomorrow morning because we are tired, but thanks!" Just before they slipped into their new home Roy introduced his family briefly and promised that ...

once they were all unpacked, rested and settled in their new home they would have us over.... Stay tuned for:

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