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Puffy, a green Pufferfish has gone through a number of other Pufferfish friends, but Al
Being swept up into a net from an employee to be sold to clients. she is lonely and very anxious. She wonders if she will ever find her special friend and mate for life.
Then one day a blue Pufferfish is suddenly dropped into the same aquarium as she. Will they hit it off, let's read it and see? This is a four book series for anyone who loves to read fish adventure and action stories. Any age level.


"Hi!" "Hi! You're new?"

"Hi Puffy!" "Hello! I am Puffy!"

"Ok! You're it!" Sal replied.

good!" Sal says.

race, Puffy?" Sal compels Puffy.

" blue fish!"

After several days had passed by and no Sal or any other Pufferfish to eat, play, nap or otherwise keep her company. She says,"Oh I miss you so such Sal!" As she sobs and sobs on the bottom of her aquarium tank.

Puffy has NO interest in eating, swimming or anything else for that matter. Then one day she remembers something very important that her mother had taught her that if she was to call on

Jesus, and ask for his help and believe he will come and answer your plea for help he will, so...

So, Puffy does cry out, "JESUS, HELP ME ARRIVE SAFELY IN SLIM AND SAL'S HOME. BUT NOT ONLY THAT BUT TO STAY AND LIVE WITH SAL FOR THE REST OF OUR LIVES, PLEASE?" "Thank you for hearing me and answering my prayer Jesus!"

Guess what happens the very next morning in this very same Pet Store? The very same lady employee approaches Puffy's aquarium and says.."Hi Puffy! It's time to clean your home today."

This employee was just beginning to get her supplies out and set them on another tank's top and had already taken the lid or roof off of Puffy's home when she is abruptly called to go take care of another important task and leaves without even thinking to put the cover/roof back on first. Puffy

Waits for a little bit of time according to a fish's time table And then...

She says, "WOW!!!" "My ROOF is OFF!" She is busy else where." I'M LEAVING FOR SAL'S. HOME NOW!"

heading to

This is fun!


Slim has run into the room where Sal lives and is shocked when he sees not only Sal in his tank but another one, a green Pufferfish and guess what those two fishes are up to...

They were kissing each other! The End of Book 1, Part 1. Please look for Book 1, Part 2 of Puffy and Sal in Sal's tank and kissing. What is Sal going to do next in his shocked and very confused state of mind. Thank you! I hope you have enjoyed this book series so far? How about any feedback on this my very first book to be published as an ebook and then a Paperback through KDP- Kindle Direct Publishing.

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