“Newti’s Exciting Adventures” -continue in Part 2 of a Part 3 Series By Sunnyone

       “Newti’s  Exciting         

      -continue in  Part 2  
                    of  a 

           Part 3 Series 

                               By  Sunnyone thriller stories

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“ Newti’s Adventures”
Who will Newti have to deal with next?
Will there be seagulls trying to capture him next?
Can he survive all these threats to his life?

“Newti’s Exciting Adventures” -continue in Part 2 of a Part 3 Series By Sunnyone

Newti’s Adventures Part 2 From Sunnyone

Hello! I would like to introduce myself. Sorry I did not do this in Part 1. I guess I was just wavy to excited to do this then my readers/ listeners. My name is Nwti. I am a newt and only in grade school so I am still quite naive yet as you will learn in this series.

Here’s a little more information about me and others of my various species that I like to think of as my relatives. Newts are usually small brightly colored ( or can be light green with darker green or blackish spots all over our bodies). We’re also noted for being semi-aquatic salamanders, (lizards) of....

of North America, Europe and Northern Asia. There are many other species of lizards too. But now let me continue to share my adventure story...

I woke up early this morning and was yawning, yawning on this new beautiful day to what I hoped would be a nice warm sunny day. “Gosh was I really hungry!”

First I unpacked a water bottle and GULPED SOME of it D O W N. Because I found I was so-so- thirsty.

Then I knew I needed to pack up those items that I had pulled out of my backpack so I could get to my water and other items I needed last night and this morning as well. Then I slung my backpack on my back...

After that I gazed down and about me and there I spotted a nice BIG, LONG JUICY TUBE STEAK that us newts preferred to call them. I had just barely finished eating it when without much warning I saw a male seagull....

and then another and still one more came striding towards me and looking at me with their big hungry greedy eyes. As I ventured towards the shore. I could easily guess what...

they were thinking. What an awesome and scrumptious appetizer. .

I would be. Enough to fill their bellies till they could order a “FISH & CHIPS” combo meal at our local cafe.

“Did you think I was going to hang around any longer with these fellers three big hungry male seagulls?” “NO WAY JOSE!” “I knew better than that. If I were to stay there much longer one or more of these fellers would have fought over me right then and there...

I was not ready to become a martyr as yet. LOL! I’m just a young kid and only in grade school even. I was so-so-so terrified that I zip- p - ped and zoomed away right then to find me a safe haven.... What would that be for a lizard like me? ...

Bet you can’t see or find me easily now you hungry seagulls? I’ll just stay here camouflaged till you boys either get totally bored or starving that you finally go to our local “FISH & CHIPS CAFE.” “Where did that puny newt go?” Ricky asked.

“How would I know if you don’t know Ricky?” Tomi replied.

Tim, the other seagull just shook out his wings and looked at his pals without commemting. “That puny little newt took off like he was a...

track and field pro athlete.” “Did you see him go zoooming right out of our sight?” Tomi replied. in such astonishment.

“YES! YES I did!” “So let’s just go to our local “FISH & CHIPS CAFE!” “I’m famished! Let’s fly over there NOW PALS!” Tim urges his pals....

“Tim, I think that’s a SUPER IDEA!” “I’m really getting an appetite as well!” Ricky replied. “Let’s fly over there NOW Tim and Tomi ....

So off they flew to our local “FISH & CHIPS CAFE” for their breakfast.

Now perhaps I may climb D O W N and see what food I might capture for my breakfast. Newti whispered softly to himself so hepefully he wouldn’t be heard and be eaten first.

“I think it might be a good idea to camouflage myself for a time. Maybe then I will have an opportunity to eat some food instead of being eaten instead, right?” I said mentally. “GOSH AM I EVER HUNGRY!” ...

“Hmm...how about some fish eggs or an immature small fish or and some of my favorite shrimps?” Who will Newti have to deal with next? Will he survive...

Will there be a hero for Newti? And who might that be? Does Newti finally learn that doing chores at home isn’t as bad as he once thought they were? Look for “Newti’s Adventures Part 3 coming soon I hope.

Thank you so much! I am so joyful that you read my SERIES STORY OF: Newti’s Adventures Parts 1 and 2! “You are so AWESOME!!” By Sunnyone

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