"Can Papermen Talk and Fly?"
"Can Papermen Talk and Fly?"  fantas stories

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"Can Papermen Talk and Fly?" Written and Illustrated by Sunnyone. Copyrighted ©️ 2019.
The teaser. If you don't believe it's possible for these special two magical papermen to fly and talk amongst themselves. And of course with this red parrot Sam. There is an unwritten but legendary code of ethics that allows only Olaf, Willy and Sam to communicate . Why? For the Protection of such magical papermen. So people could. It try to own or abuse these special magical men like making money off of them and also licking them up n a cage. Lucy is Sam's talented young author who supports all four of them in a bit beautifully home painted in pastel colors. But like I mentioned above that papermen like Willy and Olaf can't talk or fly. Then I challenge you to read this cute fantasy fiction short story for yourself. Come on read it!

"Can Papermen Talk and Fly?"

Written and Illustrated Sunnyone©️2019

This is Sam.

This is Lucy and Sam. You can see how much they love each other. Yes!

Once upon a time there was a lady named Lucy, a very young and talented author who had a very special and magical red parrot, Sam. He was always wanting to be loving and helpful to his mom or anyone. Now, I am going to present this story a bit different than I usually have done. Let's begin...

Lucy has been so obsessed with writing one of her chapters in a book. She had begun working on that when she had looked up towards her wall clock she let out an involuntarily a "WHOOPS! Look at the time Sam!"

She was so astonished at how late it was so she jumped U P And she ran out of her Pastel light green office she callsed out " WHOOPS! I almost forgot that I am scheduled for an IMPORTANT SEMINAR..

"Sam let's run out to the kitchen and find us some leftovers for supper ok?"

Once she had picked out her dress she also added whatever she felt she needed to wear or carry with her. She said,"Good- bye Sam!" See you later Sam as she closes her door then rushed to her car and to an IMPORTANT SEMINAR MEETING.

The End... But not the end of caring and helping another!

Thank you for reading this short, sweet and funny Fantasy and Fiction Story. Papers don't need a pilot's license really. How could they apply for one right? LOL 😂🤣❤️ Jesus Christ loves you. St. John 3:16 and on. You're also awesome!

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