"Can I Be A Caring Person?" Series of 2019


     "Can I Be A Caring Person?"
                Series of 2019 flower kids stories

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"Caj I Be A Caring Person?"

Can Ernie really change from doing bad things like he tried to do to Suzy?
Will the disciplinary action that Mr. Quicky will organize bring about a different
attitude in such a short time span or not? You won't want to miss this.

"Can I Be A Caring Person?" Series of 2019

For my family in my circle of friends, staff and of course my Commaful and Discord friends, too! Thank you all who have been so supportive and being my fans and followers... Sunnyone

If you have been following this story so far... You know the trouble there was on the first day of Fall Semester, right? That Daisy and Suzy walked Into their new school teacher, Mrs. Rose's classroom only to see lovely, bright colored...

desks and chairs for all the other students except for Suzy's ?

Daisy was very sad for her best pal to have endure such a horrible desk and chair when she and others had been assigned nothing like what Suzy had been. When Suzy went to obey her new...

teacher, Mrs. Rose a flower boy they would soon learn that he snuck quickly out of his desk and pulled Suzy's chair out from under her without Suzy or Mrs. Rose's knowledge until after it was too late. But who do you suppose saw all that was about to happen?

If you thought it was... Daisy who saw and leapt out of her chair to pull Suzy out of harm's way just in the nick of ...

time. You are correct. Will she receive an award? Now, let's continue this story to see what happens next...?

Mr. Quicky, the Principal who happened to be down this same hall talking with another teacher out in the hall. When this loud clamour of the desks, chairs and what sounded like someone fall ing down onto the...

FLOOR ! Sorry about this sudden interuption! I will get back to you as soon as I possibly can. But I need to deal with this Problem right now. Then Mr. Quicky turned and jogged to where heard this loud crash that just occurred. Where?



As Mr. Quicky was rushing D O W N towards where he thought he heard the first CRASH THERE CAME another one. In Mrs. Rose's classroom.....

Yes, another awful crunching sound came forth. So he quickly opemed this teacher's classroom door and rushed right into all this chaos was coming from. Had a TORNADO hit this Room? It looked like it DID!

struck. Mr. Quicky could no longer remain silent but shouted, "Who caused this disaster of SCHOOL PROPERTY?" First he turned to new teacher and demanded some answers but when she could not reply. He then turned from her and to her students and demanded some answers...

some answers. One of the bravest girls who was seated close by where a boy was still sprawled on the floor amongst a numberof damaged pieces of what was two desks and two chairs spoke up and answered his QJESTIONS. The principal turned to this Boy and asked him his name... "Ernie! Sir!"

"Is that right Ernie?" "Did you actually pull this prank? Why?" "You just destroyed some School PROPERTY THAT has cost our tax payers a lot of money!" There will be some harsh discipline coming for you son... Then the boy Perhaps fainted as the boy did not make a sound but laid there with his eyes closed..

So he got up from where he had knelt by the boy and Carefully stepped over the broken and splintered once furniture and asked, "Are you girls okay?" Then he told Mrs Rose that she could begin teaching and then stepped out of the classroom

"Mrs. Rose, you may begin teaching your first lesson for this morning." "I am going to my office to Call 911 and to alert Suzy's, Daisy's and Ernie's parents to come to our school as soon as possible. Please could you quickly give me each of these three kids their full name to be able to call their moms and dads?"

The title of the story beforehand.

INTERMISSION! Time to take a break before the next and last part of this story. Hope you are enjoying this story with a moral in it for any kid.

A brief part of the first part of this story for anyone who might need a mind refresher. Then a flower girl raised her hand and waved it tomand fro till The Principal saw a hand up high and asked , "What's your name? Did you witness this, this...?"

"Yes. My name is April. As you can see Sir, I have ring side seat. " Then she blurted out all the gory details from the beginning to the end. Well almost the end. "Thank you April!" Said Mr. Quicky before turning...

his total attention to the boy still sprawled on the classroom floor amongst the destruction of school property and inquired of this boy."What is your name?" "Ernie. Sir!" Replied Ernie. "What on Earth possessed you to pull such a prank?"

"Ummm....I I I don't k-k-know Sir." Ernie said in a trembling voice and shivering probably more from how and what the Prinicipal's decision will be. Will I get kicked out of school NOW FOR THIS? Ernie's mind was pondering. Mr. Quicky went over closer to see how both of these....

two girls were handling all this. He then assessed the fact that neither one of these flower kids looked very well. "Mrs. Rose you may begin the lesson now. I'm going to the office to begin to get some help for the kids..

He then walked over to the door, opened it and walked out and quickly made his way to his office. There he found Tom, his receptionist just hanging up the office phone. Mr. Quicky then without delay explained what had ocurred and gave Tom his...

instructions and asked for it to be done promptly. "SURE SIR!" Right away." Tom replied. Mr. Quicky then scurried to his phone. Made the 911 call for help before hastening to the school's main doors to show the Paramedics to Mrs. Rose's classroom.

Once the Medics arrived in Mrs. Rose's classroom Mr. Quicky introduced these three kids one by one. By the time they had made preliminary check overs of all three kids. The kids parent(s) had arrived.

Mr. Quicky had made the decision that one child and parent(s) were to follow the two pairamedics to the Nurse's Office at a time as a privacy act till each of the three kids had been checked over well then Daisy could be dismissed for the day. Tomorrow she was to return to school as usual.

Then after Suzy had been checked and treated for a few minor cuts, scratches and bruises and Suzy's parents had this accident or incident because of a student her class had pulled her chair out from beneath her without any knowledge of it She could have been very Seriously injured if it wasn't for Suzy's best pal coming to her rescue at that right moment.

Mr. Quicky went on to explain to Suzy's family that this boy's prank had destroyed both Suzy's school property and the boy's desk and chair as well. "So without a desk and chair they certainly could not do their lessons in class. For this reason Suzy may stay away from school till they have a new replacement for her and that boy as well.

Mr. QUICKY apologized to both Suzy and her parents. He also explained that this boy, Ernie was now under scrutiny and suspended from school. Until further notice then dismissed Suzy and her folks. Once the girls' and their ...

had received Mr. Quicky's Apology for this incident. And those parents had left. He asked both Ernie and his mom come to his office. As he had some important matters of displine to discuss with Ernie's mom and Ernie too, of course. What type of discipline will...

Mr. Quicky decide upon and when will it actually begin?....

Once Mr. Quicky dismissed both Ernie and his mom. She took him here...

to have a very stern talk with him in regards to the prank he had pulled. before taking him. straight home...

About a week later when Daisy had been asked to please check to see if there might be any mail in their mailbox. Guess what Daisy found with her name on the front of the envelope? Now what will she do?.....

Grandma and her mom and right away too. I bet you want to know just what was in the envelope, right?

Daisy had an invitation from her Principal, Mr. Quicky, the superintendent, their Mayor and her teacher even wanted to give her an award and perhaps also a party in her honor. She was just too thrilled and yet sooo terrified at the same time. "Mom, please may I go tell Suzy this wonderful...

TERRIFYINGLY SUPER NEWS NOW MOM, PLEASE?" Daisy begged her mom. "Yes Dear!" Mom replied with a high smile to match her daughter's. "GO ON NOW MY SWEET DAUGHTER!" "I'm very very proud of your deed!" Mom said.

While Daisy was away visiting with her pal Daisy's mom decided this might be the best chance she'd have to ask Mr. Quicky about having a surprise Award Party for Daisy. But not just for her sake but perhaps a good way to reinforce the attitude that may encourage the other kids to follow Daisy's example. She explained to the principal. "That's an excellent idea. I will have to ask my boss though...

Then I'll call you while Daisy's here in school. As well as tell those in charge here not to say a word aloud to her, ok?" Mr. Quicky replied. Daisy's mom got the okay as well as permission to invite other parents to join in. Quite a few of the important people in this city were there On the stage that coming week to honor her with a ....

a plaque by the superintendent even.

Someone had designed this Flyer that was hanging from the ceiling when they heard about the words on the cake that a Bakery Shop worker insisted on creating for this very special girl's Award Ceremony for being a hero to one of her own classmates.

The Award Ceremony was a ROARING SUCCESS! Suzy and Ernie were able to return to their class with unique colorful and decorative desks and chairs the following day...

Ernie and his mom were to report that same day to discuss what

Mr. Quicky decided a fair punishment to hopefully help Ernie to not learn from from his mistake. Ernie was to do Community Service in a Homeless Shelter for two months The schedule would be like this: After school three days a week and on Saturday days from 9:30 am- 2:30 pm.

"WOW! This was very hard at first and I did not like not being able to do what I usually enjoyed doing. But now I am enjoying being able to be a CARING PERSON NOW!

"Thank you for Reading this story!" Yes. I have finished my hours at the Homeless Shelter. I am glad now that this was what Mr Quicky chose for me to do.

The End

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