" WHAT !?

             BROCCOLIS'  ARE            

            COMING    ALIVE?!" 


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How did these three Broccolis’ kids come alive?
Will the Heroes be able to rescue them in time?


"What?" "Broccolis Are Coming Alive?".

This is a Fantasy, Fairy Tale story concerning the Broccoli Florets Are Coming Alive.

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These set of stories for especially for Sydney Liu from Sunnyone. Thanks Sydney for all your helps and tips!

"What?" "Broccolis Are Coming Alive?"

It all began one rainy and bleak day when my brothers an I were so boo-red and quiet. Perhaps we were too quiet because mom came sprinting into the kitchen where we were loafing.

She turned and looked out our large kitchen window, whirled back facing us again. Seeing how lifeless and bored we were sitting or perched on chairs. She immediately took action right then and there.

We watched as our mom began searching through every cupboard then not finding whatever she was seeking she made a dash for our BIG pantry. Still not finding it was she ran to the refrigerator. I still did not know what she was seeking for until...

"YEAH, ALL RIGHT!" "What is it Mom?" Both Eddie and I exclaimed in excitement and wonder. Mom did a happy dance as she brought our treat to our table.

As Eddie and I flew over to our table we also did a happy dance. Happy though, of course ran so fast and landed onto our table as if he too had flown over to us. As mom offered each of us a treat we said, "...

Then I noticed she also took a couple of these too as she headed back to her office. Just as Eddie took a bite of his treat all three of us heard such a gut wrenching scream of....

My brothers and I looked up and dropped our treat onto our table. As we were so astonished and dumbfounded to see small green tree standing up. And facing Eddie with such a scowl on it's face and began...

"You wounded my head and now it's really throbbing!" Brad replied sarcastically as he glared at each one of us. Now we were even more bewildered yet. Both Eddie and I asked in unison. "How can this be?"

We were even more perplexed and baffled now . As whoever heard of a veggie much less a Broccoli floret crying out and bawling us out for eating it? Just about then the other two Broccolis' popped up abruptly.

A girl Broccoli began to SHOOT OFF questions like one firing off a machine gun....

"This green parrot with the red framed eyeglasses Brad said. as he pointed his branch's finger at Eddie, took a bite out of my head!"' "Who are you?". "What may I ask are your names?" Eddie dared at ask these strange beings standing in front of him.

So Brad being a bit older than the other two Broccolis' implored. "Please may we start over?" "We seemed to have gotten OFF ON THE WRONG FOOT." The Heroes looked at each other and nodded their approval so Eddie spoke for them and...

Happy and I chose Eddie to speak for all of us. Eddie said, "Yes Brad." "Okay! Thanks!" Brad replied, for all three of them. "Oh, by the way. This is Brenda." As he points to the Broccoli with a top and skirt. " This other fellow is Brian" "We are siblings."

"Here is a photo of us, three...

Just as they had barely finished their introductions to each other Who should just appear in the doorway of the kitchen? But mom of course! When both mom and the BROCCOLIS' FAMILY had spotted

each other, they all faint right where they had been standing and fell either on the floor or on the table. That is all but the HEROES! What will happen next? Will the Heroes be able to rescue the Broccolis' Family? Thanks for reading this exciting Fantasy! Look for the next part of this story to come...

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