Twisted Fate
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Your friend comes knocking on your door late at night. You stumble to the front door and answer.

Twisted Fate

Your friend comes knocking on your door late at night.

You stumble to the front door and answer.

She's crying hysterically with blood all over her hands and clothes.

She says that she has a body in the trunk of her car and is freaking out not knowing what to do.

She asks if you could help her hide the body because she trusts you the most but she doesnt know that you've done this a couple times so you agree.

You tell her to come inside to clean herself up and to calm down.

You can smell the stench of death all over her body but you don't say a word.

You just watch her every move then ask what happened.

She looks up terrified saying that it happened all so quickly and that she can't recall.

You can see the lies; her eyes tell them all.

You ask again.

She keeps quiet.

You finally tell her to cut the act and be her true self.

She looks at you and says "do you wanna die too?" Then laughs.

You ask why she came to you and what she wants.

After cleaning herself up she says that she knows you're like her.

That you like to kill, that death runs inside your viens, that you love the warmth of your victims blood flowing through your fingertips.

You look into her eyes and laugh.

You laugh so loud the neighbors might wake up.

She tells you to shut up and pulls out a knife.

You then ask again what she wants.

She says revenge.

Revenge? You ask

Her eyes become blood red and she says that you killed the love of her life.

You ask if it was the tall man with broad shoulders, dark blue eyes, and freckles on his face.

She gets close to your face and puts the knife to your cheek cutting you slowly.

You know by her reaction that he was the man she love.

You know that he wasn't the kind of man who deserved to live.

He was the kind that loved little girls, especially the ones who were easy targets.

You knew this after you saw him trying to get close to one in the park restroom.

You saw the look of evil in his eyes when he was with the little girl.

You see only the back of the little girl then she turns around.

She's your little sister.

Anger fills the room and you grab her quickly, punching him as you pull her away.

Only you know what kind of monster he was.

You grab the knife from her and say that you could care less about her revenge.

You say he deserved to die.

She laughs.

Then she asks you if you ever loved anyone.

You hesitate and say that you never but

She calls you a liar and says you'll be surprised by who you find in the trunk of her car.

Your heart begins to race and you run towards the car.

You open the trunk and see the women you love.

Your love is laying lifeless on the trunk bed and then see her last tear roll down her cheek.

You grab her cold body gently and hold her in your arms.

You cry and begin to deeply apologize saying it's your fault for this.

All of a sudden the murderer of your love walks behind you and says to come along to hide the body.

You gently put down your lovers body and shut the trunk.

Without saying a word you walk beside the car and get in the passenger seat.

She then says not to worry about her killing you because the two of you are even now.

You took her love and now she took yours.

You quietly nod your head and wait.

She then starts speaking about your love saying that she was a worthless piece of trash and that she deserved to die.

Just like you told her about her love.

You become filled with anger but still do nothing.

She finally says that you guys are at the place.

You walk out and see a big hole on the ground.

She tells you that it took her weeks to plan and finish digging the hole.

She looks down at the hole, kicking dirt down while talking.

Then she turns towards you, your body reacts by stabbing her.

She looks at you.

Fear in her eyes.

Then you push her down the hole she dug.

She cries and tells you to save her but you don't listen.

You begin to throw dirt down to fill the hole.

She's yelling at you to save her but you just laugh.

You laugh as you burry her alive and while she begs for forgiveness.

It's finally over you say quietly.

You get into the car and drive towards the ocean.

You grab your lover and get on a boat.

You're finally alone and then you break down crying.

You blame yourself over and over again.

But you know you can't change what happened.

You wipe your tears away and grab the boats extra anchor.

You tie it to your loves ankle with shaky hands.

You give her one last kiss and tell her goodbye as you throw her body into the ocean.

There's no turning back.

You know people are going to look for them.

But you'll never say a word.

Because if you do, it'll all be over...

Now you must go on and live your twisted fate

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