A little help would be great.
A little help would be great.  korea stories

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So i have an idea for a story. The thing is i can't write a lot because i get tired or i think of something different. Ill give you guys an idea of one of my stories and someone please tell me how it is..( there might be spelling errors here and there so i apologize in advance)

A little help would be great.

So i have an idea for a story. The thing is i can't write a lot because i get tired or i think of something different.

Ill give you guys an idea of one of my stories and someone please tell me how it is..( there might be spelling errors here and there so i apologize in advance)

It starts off in Seoul, South Korea with two best friends who are eating breakfast. Jonah, who owns the studio tells his friend Jasmine, who he calls "Jay" most of the time, to get a job.

She tells jonah that shes trying but the problem is the language barrier and her appearance(she looks masculine).

Jonah agrees and tells her if she can't find a job today that he'll talk to his dad, who is a rich investor, if he can help.

Only on the condition if she looks for a job not just sit around at home. Jasmine knows this is a once of a lifetime opportunity so she agrees with Jonah.

(At this time jonah is wrapping up his required military service as a police officer.

) Jonah looks at the time and says hes going to be late if he doesn't leave now, so he looks at Jasmine, reminds her about her plans for the day, and leaves.

After he leaves, Jasmine puts on her suit and gets ready to leave packing all of her things she needs in a suitcase.

She drives onto a busy street where she sees a suspicious man waiting behind a car. All of a sudden he jumps in front of car passing by.

A young women runs out asking if the man is ok but all he does is yell calling the women stupid and saying that he'll sue.

The man isn't physically injured but puts on an act like he is at the police station. He constantly blames the women driver, Song Ji Soo, and demands her to pay for his injuries.

Ji soo angrily tells the man that it was his fault and that she shouldn't be the one taking all the blame.

Jonah, who is the officer taking charge, tells Ji Soo that they couldn't find the SD card in her dashcam, so everything she says can't be accounted for.

He also says that many people saw her hit the man so even if she takes the case to court all evidence goes against her and she'll be more likely to lose.

While they all argue at the station, Jay walks in asking for Jonah. A police officer asks her what she needs and Jay says she has evidence that shows whose at fault.

He takes Jay to where Jonah is and tells him the same thing she told the officer. Jay then digs into her pocket, pulls out a SD card, and gives it to her friend.

In the video, it shows the man getting ready to jump in front of the car, as he gets hit and Ji soo runs out,

another man who is working with the "victim" runs toward the car and grabs the SD card, destroying it while no one pays attention.

Jonah looks up to thank Jay but she leaves as she gets a call from a potential employer. The man begins to yell again but this time jonah tells his fellow police officers to arrest the guy.

Both Ji soo and the man look up and ask why.

Jonah tells them that he just got evidence from the person who walked in which shows the man intentionally throwing himself towards the car and his friend helping destroy the evidence.

The man sees that he has no way out of this and begins to beg for mercy but Ji soo tells him that he'll hear from her lawyer for fraud.

She looks at her watch, gets up, and asks jonah if he can handle everything else from here. He agrees and locks up the man.

While leaving the police station Ji soo gets a call from her father, who is chariman of a cosmetics company,

asking her where she is because the interviews for her new assistant are going to begin in about an hour. She tells him that she got into a small mess but is coming right away.

She calls for a cab and gets off near her fathers company, where one of her favorite cafe's are located. As Jisoo walks into the cafe, Jay is walking out.

Jisoo notices jay but she does not notice back. She trys to call out to jay but when she does someone walks up behind her, grabbing her arm.

She slowly turns her head around and sees her body guard looking down at her with a mean mug on his face. He tells her that she shouldn't run off without him unless she wants to get hurt.

She quickly apologises and tries to escape from him, but he doesn't let go and drags her back to the company. Both jay and jisoo are walking into the company without noticing each other.

On one hand Jay walks up to the counter asking for help and on the other Jisoo is being greeted by all the employees.

As jisoo walks into the elevator and presses the floor she wants to go to, Jay stands right in front of her, waiting for the next available one.

As soon as the elevator closes, she looks up and sees Jay, who has yet to notice. She goes into her office and begins with the interviews but with Jay on her mind.

Hours pass by and the last interviewee is late. A couple of minutes pass by and then a knock is heard.

The interviewee walks in,red as a tomatoe, and begins to apologize , saying that she got lost. When she looks up, she sees jisoo and is surprised.

Jay begins to speak in broken korean,which somehow jisoo understands. As the interview begins, the director of the company, Mr.

Kang, tells Jay that she shouldn't have came if she can't even speak korean properly.

This lowers Jay's confidence and she begins to apologize, but Jisoo gets mad at the director, telling him to be quiet.

Jisoo then asks Jay if shes willing to work hard and Jay says yes with a big smile on her face. Jisoo gets up and tells Jay congratulations and that shes hired...

Of course there is a lot more that goes into this but i just wanted you guys to read what i have so far. Thanks for your time and feedback!

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