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What ever happened to little Adaline Parkes?

a father's love

September 16, 1995

September 16, 1995 "What would you like to name her honey?" Dominic asks his wife, Charlotte, as tears of joy stream steadily down his face.

"Adaline Jeane" Charlotte declared, "Adaline Jeane Parkes".

The pair smiled lovingly at eachother, never losing focus of one another, "A beautiful name for the world's most beautiful girl. Our daughter," stated Dominic, while gently rubbing the sole of his thumb over Adaline's strawberry-blonde peach fuz.

Things couldn't be better.

November 13, 2002

November 13, 2002 A light drizzle of rain came down to dance with the pavement as a sliver of moonlight shoves it's way through little Adaline's window.

A soft kiss on the forehead from daddy and she drifts asleep, with the sweetest smile chisled into her face. First grade is hard work, she needs all the rest she can get.

Things couldn't be better.

November 14, 2002

November 14, 2002 There's a pathway of sunlight streaming in through the open window, leading to little Adaline's room.

"Where is Adaline?" Dominic shouts at the police officers, "Where is my daughter?"

"It appears she's been snatched out of her bed Mr. Parkes. Do you know anybody who would want to harm your family?" Officer McCanney's words fade out.

Disbelief now pumping through the Parkes' veins.

The apologies won't stop pouring in from strangers and aquaintances alike. They don't subside the ache of wonder perched at the top of the Parkes' stomachs.

They make it worse, "Don't apologize— she's going to come back. She has to". Dominic thought to himself, stretching for relief that he just could not reach.

Things couldn't be worse.

October 15, 2017

October 15, 2017 Fifteen years next month. Fifteen years since little Adaline went missing. She never came back but the hurt stayed.

"Where could she be?" Dominic questioned himself aloud.

"She's forever in our hearts honey," Charlotte replied, "if she stays there, we will never lose her—" the loud ringing of their landline cut Charlotte off.

"Will you answer that? I don't think I could speak to anybody right now" Dominic's voice cracked as Charlotte's loving eyes answered him.

"Hello this is Charlotte speaking. Who is this?"

"Tell daddy what you did to me,"

"Tell daddy what you did to me," Charlotte listens in fear,

"Tell daddy what you did to me," Charlotte listens in fear, "I'm still alive mommy".

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