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sunflower It's okay to have a bad day
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I haven't posted here in a long time. Here is a short story about my relationship with nature.


Sitting under the grand maple leaf tree, I sit and wait. Flipping through the pages of a book I have read more than a hundred times it feels like, I wait.

I wait for the sounds of the birds chirping as the sun rises in the east awakening the world while the setting moon closes another peaceful slumber.

I sit with my eyes closed on the warm summer ground letting the sounds of nature lull me to a peaceful daydream.

The grass under my body feels soft as if I was sitting on the world's comfiest carpet. I suspect this feeling must be from the rain we had a few days prior.

My hands graze the blades of the grass and I pick a few strands up, twirling them through my fingers. Green.

The green grass reminding me of summers before where I spent the days at the lakes and rivers swimming in what seemed like an endless water.

Looking at the nature surrounding me I feel at peace. Almost at home. I am awestruck at how beautiful a world we have and how truly blessed we are to be living on this planet.

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