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sunflower It's okay to have a bad day
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for my great grandma and my papa; author's note: I feel as though I've been just dumping really depressing things lately but oh well

endings; rose

by: sunflower

Your chest rose and I watched it fall one second after. It rose again and then fell again. Your breath shorter and heavier than the last as each second passes. I stare at the clock.

My heart hurting and a lump in my throat forms. I know it's coming but I don't want to admit it. I look at your face.

Eyes closed but a small smile on your face is present where I wouldn't have ever guessed it would rest again. A sudden rush of heat rushes through my body and I find myself leaving to open the door across the hall.

I take a quick look back at you. You were still laying there.

Your arms at your side, your hair unwashed from the days spent in bed, the blue veins readying to jump out of your frail skin at any second. A tear falls from my eye.

As much as I don't want to admit it I know it's coming. The lump in my throat grows and the tears start to come. Then I hear it.

The beeps of the machine which kept me up at night as I slept in your room day in and day out have come to a stop. The beep of the life machine comes to a halt. And I know now you're gone.

I run in panicking, tears streaming down my face too fast for me to rid them off my face. My breathing is faster and heavier as I step closer to the room. There I see two nurses rushing in.

I know for certain the time I was anxiously anticipating has arrived. I know your time on Earth has come to an end and you're gone.

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