There Was Only Ever Silence
There Was Only Ever Silence sad stories
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this is a poetry I wrote after an argument, it broke my heart as I realised none of my words had been heard, that no one was listening to me, no one had heard my agony and silent scream of sadness. So I decided to write my feelings out. Enjoy.

There Was Only Ever Silence

I was in my room, with my hands over my ears.

There was only silence, but I could still hear the trembling of my hands.

My heart leapt in great, striking fear at every sound outside of my room,

It occurred to me then that I was afraid of her voice,

that I feared her voice more than monsters under my bed

or the eyes staring at me from shadowed corners.

I tried to calm my laboured breathing, but I was under the ocean,

thrashing and drowning as I struggled to breath.

So much tears had fallen, too much

I couldn’t stop them.

I thought there was a river in my bedroom,

flowing over my desk and my bedsheets, filling the drawers and cabinets.

A thousand, million unsaid words screamed at me in my mind.

I should have said them.

But I couldn’t.

I was too afraid, too weak and pathetic.

I think I am ruined, some part of me was broken but I do not know where.

I couldn’t fix it,

not sure if they could ever be fixed.

I wanted to go,

to leave this place,

to fly all over to the place where wind howled and rain poured constantly,

The place I despised and fantasised about.

I pulled at my hair,

I was so weak, so pathetic and so useless.

Who could have loved someone like me?

Who could possibly love someone like me?

To want me and be with me?

Even I loath myself.

At my ugliness and weakness.

Thank you, for breaking me.

Every piece of me are tattered and torn.

But because of you,

I can write.

Because of you,

There was only ever silence.

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