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sukudoko Your too two faced to pick a side
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Love is love


You can hurt me all you want

you can take everyone away

you can ground me for life

you can take everything away

you can insult me all you want

you can't stop what i feel

You see me everyday and think its ok

You think you have me figured out but you don't

Why do I feel this way

For the longest time i have'nt felt normale

I though what I was feeling as wrong and I pushed it away

I thought if i ignore it it will fade

here i am years later.....

still the way i am

were not freaks

We won't be ignored anymore

we are people just like you

so why do you treat us differently?

HAPPY PRIDE MONTH EVERYONE! I am so sorry for lack of content! As some of you may know i am bisexual! dont be afraid of loving who you want

"If you keep over thinking your goals, you will forget what you wanted to work for" -mason

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