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sughsanasusana, portugal
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by ohshititssusie

if you've made it this far, keep going even if you feel like you can't do it anymore because you will

even after countless panic attacks, sleepless nights, hours spent crying and shit read about me

im still here

sadly or not i am here

even if i don't know what i'm doing or what's happening anymore i am here

watching the days pass so fast watching people live in slow motion while i'm trapped in my mind

i'm here

regretting everything i did and thinking about ways to end my life

i'm still here

even if that means going on top of buildings and watching the city from above picturing in my mind what it'd be like jumping even if that means looking for you in everyone

even if that means never getting the chance to talk to you again

even if it means never living again i'll be here

to re read all the shit to hate myself even more to see things all over again to imagine scenarios that will never happen

to picture things i wish would happen to live in my mind i'll be here

living in my mind in the idea that i'll never be loved for fucking things up too much

i'll be here watching you getting over me and living your life

yes here just like i am right now sitting here thinking and crying

right here living in my head with all the same shits all the same feelings

love for you and hate for myself

skipping my life until i skip breathing


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