forget 4.40AM
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sughsanasusana, portugal
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thoughts on getting over somebody

forget 4.40AM

by sughsana

you'll forget about me maybe not completely maybe you'll still see my unfocused shape on your head when you think of me

maybe you'll still remember the tone of my morning sleepy voice but you'll start forgetting it all

exactly how my lips look like when i smile exactly how my eyes twinkled when i looked at you exactly how i sleep to the left and how my puffy eyes look like

and you'll remember less after some time

you'll hear other voices that will sound more familiar and welcoming than mine and see millions of now focused shapes

and you'll get tired of trying hard in your head to stop me from being unfocused that you'll stop trying

and your eyes will twinkle when you look at somebody else and that person will see exactly how your lips look like when you smile at them and by then you’ll have forgotten how i look like

and i’ll be just a stain from your past

still sleeping to the left with puffy eyes not from waking up early but from sleeping late and i’ll still have that twinkle in my eyes not from looking at you but from crying

but it’s going to be okay

you can get rid of some stains or cut them off and replace it with some new fabric that’s how you can still wear that piece of clothing that is living

that’s how you’re supposed to live

either replacing the stain or adding something to it to make it look beautiful most people get rid of the stain and you will too

and it's going to be okay

you’ll get used to living without the stain and maybe you’ll still look at the place where the stain was

surely not to see if it still is there but to make sure it isn’t

and it's going to be okay someday

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