Bubblegum Pink

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sugarrosy 19 | poet + novelist | she/her
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you make me feel so bubblegum pink! ╰(*´︶`*)╯♡

Bubblegum Pink

Pink sounds like the clinking of glass Ramune bottles Like the highest key on the piano Or the do re mi of a xylophone

Pink tastes like a fresh strip of strawberry bubblegum Like sugar cubes and lollipops As sweet as vanilla frosting with rainbow sprinkles on top

Pink smells like raspberry lip balm Pink lemonade and soda pop It smells like your rose perfume that I adore

Pink is like the cherry blossoms of japan Like the rays of the sun As warm as an embrace from someone you love

Pink feels like cotton candy after a ride around the carousel It feels like the heat on my cheeks when you tell me I look cute today And like the thud in my heart as your laugh escapes your lips

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