Ooooook, so...
Ooooook, so... important stories

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Bare with me if you can, folks.

Ooooook, so...

Folks, dudes and dudettes, ladies and gentleman and so on with formalities

Listen, I came back to Commaful just recently. I low-key don't feel like I got the say in anything. But unexpectedly, some things affected the site in a way, which affected me in a way and that thread will go on even after.

But If I may? Ok? Cool, because I'm not asking.

Don't play them innocent puppy eyes, guys, you know what's going on so damn well, even better than I do.

Some people post stories, others post funny stories, third post poems, fourth group posts psychological facts, fifth group posts quotes, flashfiction, whatever.

OK, you got me

There's a massive diversity in content on here. And filtering systems and so on.

Now, on the point. I read something which upset me enough to actually move my fingers that way.

People, why are you bringing wars? Why is all this happening? (I know why, it's rhetorical questions, don't answer) It's so unfair, even for people who keep their cool and quiet too because they are indirectly involved too.

There's conflict of interests mixed with quarantine lifestyle and utter boredom. It feels somewhat exciting spicing up some drama and wars.

Same shit as in history. People disagreed, people were bored and that resulted to *badabum* a war. Because the peaceful way would either not be efficient or won't be interesting.

So there it is, we're repeating the same frickin mistakes and I'm sure our ancestors are turning in their graves watching modern people blast out on some virtual unreal war on a virtual platform.

Guys, all of you on Commaful and all of you reading my current post, people behind these usernames ARE the only real thing in here. Real people, like you and me and my neighbours and your friends and so on.

So, as a third person unbiased point of view, I'm stepping in. I think this whole thing is unnecessary, it's gone way too far and it's insane. Yea, sorry that I don't want wars and I'm sorry that it's naive to think this way and there's always gonna be something.

I'm not the forever optimist all jolly happy one who wants world peace and stuff. We can't ignore everything, there's issues and stuff sometimes and I totally understand that.

But enough is enough and things should have ceased a while ago at the first tears shed. We're not some animals from the past, fighting for territory and rights. Have you forgotten, guys? First, this is a website (with a good purpose and aims) but still, a website. Virtual reality, unreal, you can't touch anyone. (Sydney could've rid of it anytime, then? Nothing.)

This makes some braver in their actions as some of you still think there may be no consequences. Well, I can't touch you, you can't touch me. But that doesn't mean we can't harm each other. We are almost all the time entirely driven on emotion.

Tomorrow you can tell me I'm worthless shit. (I'm not made of stone, of course it will make me feel bad). Or you could find out my personal information somehow and because of some fight on a platform, things could get real and they could get bad.

So dramas and war stuff are scary. It's freaking some people out. While others sense that there will be commotion so they leave beforehand because survival instincts. (not applicable to everyone but still)

When you close your laptop or lock your phone, what do you see when you look outside the window and when you go out for a walk or anything? Exactly, that's real. Do you feel upset because of someone's words to you, although they could be on the other side of the ocean and may not matter much deal in your life? Yes, you do, you have feelings, can't help it.

So all of this should be stopped. Or go in the process of stopping at least. Because it can become a big deal.

Writers of all kinds, I understand what you're trying to say and as every opinion in existence, I respect. I love your work, you're all so talented and gorgeous beans, who deserve praise and acknowledgement. But honestly, if you went like that against me, and I was just an emotional kid.

Then what? What's going to happen? I'd burst myself crying, I'd be hurt. There should be a more civilized way to talk things through.

And even if there isn't, I don't agree things should go super violent mode, it's not the way either. It makes everyone sad, me too, a writer by hobby. Where's the pride in making someone cry? Where? You almost made even me cry, dudes and dudettes, although I'm indirectly involved. It's suppressing individuals and whatever the problem,

You are expected to handle it maturely, not point fingers. As your way would probably eliminate the problem, but not solve it, huge difference. There will always come different people in here, you can never be sure of their nature or make predictions. There is no need to leave damaged and broken souls behind, despite all.

Commafulers, dear other side of the spectrum. Your posts make me forget if I had a bad day, they make me smile and laugh even. It makes me feel sane because I'm losing it sometimes. You're fun and people don't know what you're doing in your free time except Commaful. You could be good at arts or foreign languages.

Or anything really. Just like writers are good at stuff, you're worthy and good at stuff even if you haven't found out just yet. We are the same. I don't mean interests or age. We're all different here. You can go against your own folks for different interests even.

We're unique but also the same. We are people, helloooo? Anyways, fun posts memes and random stuff group dudes and dudettes, listen. In the eyes of others, you may have made stuff they didn't like. Mistakes? I don't know, who cares, we all make mistakes.

Don't be mad or sad about it, writers here be making mistakes between themselves too, again, we all make mistakes. When on that form I filled some days ago I wrote that Commaful is like a family, It really is. I know what I was talking about. Families got dramas and it's a normal thing, part of the fam stuff.

Don't forget there's unfortunately other sides of everything too. A coin's got 2, a cube's got 6. But we're not speaking of lessons and teaching here. And I'm not here like someone holding the Holy Grail to answer all pleads. Sadly, I'm in no position to make decisions for other individuals, I'm not a politician.

Someone said another person shared something that shouldn't have, other one said someone wrote an inspirational stuff to motivate and ready an army for fight. From what I acquainted myself with, I say you're all wrong if you proceed with any further actions.

No one should leave and if some people already did, it's because of the reasons mentioned before in this post. Maybe. I know some stuff may be seen more than others and they are left unnoticed and it's someone's work. But really, I'm here long and I know it's a mere technical peculiarity.

In the past, I had to do what not to reach to the not so mainstream stuff and struggled to find new stuff. It's the system, it's the filtering, it's a characteristic which never properly worked in my opinion. That doesn't mean anyone should get depressed or leave or go nuts.

Writers' side, hear me. There's nothing bad if people are discovering a new side and application of the site. By the way, I checked the description on Google on the site. It says what it features. Doesn't mention only, for example, Jessica can use it because she got the talent. Her friend Sarah shouldn't be chased by force because she came to explore and gather

different audience. Is Commaful to suppress Sarah who could eventually find out she likes other stuff and leaves with a bad feeling at heart? Feelings and friends stay while things on the Internet can disappear.The others did some stuff, yeah, I see your point. But speaking of detrimental for other individuals measurements... No, it went too far.

Memes, fun posts and random stuff group of dudes and dudettes, you may be doing 'random' and whatsoever but you are adaptive and you shouldn't hurt back You won't unless provoked. You did some baddie stuff, but most of you are probably pretty young. Commaful needs all content in my opinion, don't give up broken and let go. Humour is ok, if too much,

People can just skip up some posts, no big deal, I got lots of writer stuff, got some funny stuff, there needs to be balance. And if someone is making big deal, don't give in because you can harm them or they can harm you.

Commaful is friendly and welcoming, knock the bad talk off or at least I hope you recognize what I'm trying to say. Do negative stuff but this will make all of us contributing to destroying the creators' work. And we all get nothing out of this. It will get worse before it gets better.

I'm sorry if I hurt anyone, but left unbiased in that case, I can't just stand and watch my favourite people from the different sides barking at each other or someone crying. I want the scenario of less victims, ok?

I was trying to make out my point. Stop these wars you'll hurt each other.

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