How many ways do I love you?
How many ways do I love you? caring stories

suepaceI enjoy writing flash fiction and poetry
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Love is more than we deserve.

How many ways do I love you?

by suepace

You are the heart of my heart and yet I feel anger.

How can I bear my own sense of guilt? Of unremitting love? Of failing?

I do what I can - yet I am not the mother I hope to be.

Help me, Lord, I me be better than those who went before.

Give me the peace I seek. Give me the hope I pray for. Give me the kindness I never received.

This is our desire: That we be better than our parents..

I love you, dear child, forgive my mistakes....

and I will forgive your anger.

We are all that we have in this world. I love you. I know you love me. We will survive and we will florish.

I, who don't believe in God, will say Thank you for my life. Thank you for those I love. Thank you.

Thank you.

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