I Gave Up On Negativity
I Gave Up On Negativity stories

suei'm strong
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Life is toooooo short to be down on life

I Gave Up On Negativity

The world is tough. Life can suck. Life is almost never fair

Truth. There are endless things that we can complain about

Yeah, yeah, this post is probably going to sound cheesy

But give me a chance to explain

There were many days that started off bad

Days that normally would make things suck. Things that would easily ruin my day

For every compliant, I would think of a positive

It helped stop bad days in its footsteps and give me a chance to see the light. Yes some days do suck. You might have a long day at school, but hey, you're learning.

A bad day in your life = amazing day in someone else's

It's all about perspective. Appreciate what you do have.

The world can be tough. But you are strong

Choose to be happy. Choose to enjoy the little things.

Choose to love life.

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