Stupid God
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sudiptobanerjee A staggering amount of epiphany
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Are we weak? Or are we alone? Or are we insecure? Or do we just purely instinctively reside to that one perfection to give us company and motivation during our times? We are blinded by our own product of perfection. We are blind.

Stupid God

Drugged with words, The day will go fine. Beside me is the one who is dead, Who is praised in the hands of mortals.

Give me life from heaven, Or hell if the other is empty. You should reside in them. Reside in me for I am only human.

Blind trust on a rock, Sculptured to just a person. Costume rich and white marble. Oh, it is a blind walk to hope.

Lord would love me if any. I sit right at his feet. He looks to the beyond, But I will control his vision.

I am an artist To make the perfect immortal. Other than you, no one is. You are a creation and a friend.

Just like the god in the sky, You are here with me in tears. Fear and sadness is what makes me love. Serenity and my beauty is what makes you.

Help me, I am a fool. What else could anyone be? Help me, I want to be like you. A product of my most perfection.

And forgive me for I can't. Impaired with my vision. You and your symbols are all around. You and your love are eternal.

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