spring to summer chaos/ girl almighty
spring to summer chaos/ girl almighty poem stories
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coming of age. girlhood to godhood

spring to summer chaos/ girl almighty

feast your eyes onto this

soak it in

milk, blood, cherubim, and all

feast your eyes on this atrocity;

atrocity, tragedy, calamity

you can't help but look anyhow

tosses me into his bed

tosses me into his garden along with the tulips and chicken bones

waits for me to sprout next spring

i wonder how she'll be-

how she'll bloom

she'll spit ichor and honey through her teeth

annual or perennial

we'll never know

fret not, fret not-

breathe in the summer night

throw yourself down into the garden

bare your neck to the rose bush and forget it all

forget the cherubim

forget the milk

save the blood

save her

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