What if APPS can talk?
What if APPS can talk? funny stories

subhadra Weird yet funny
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Funny Experiment

What if APPS can talk?

Weird but true!


Me: Hey GOOGLE! Google: Again came to disturb me early in the morning. What is it today? Me: Feeling so lazy. How to get up from the bed and have an active day? Google: Simple my friend, follow these steps.

Step 1: Get up and go straight. Step 2: Go to the fridge and open it. Step 3: Take a glass of milk. Step 4: Spill it on the floor. Step 5: Call your mom. Step 6: You will be wide awake the whole day. Enjoyyyyy!

With a google page like this no-one will be lazy. Thank you GOOGLE!

Me: *Clicking on the icon* YT: (cries) Do you have any shame? Do you know how much you are torturing me? Morning 10:30 you start. You scroll down and watch till night 10:30. Your watch history rose up more yesterday than the shares in the stock market.

Leave me mate. LEAVE MEEE! Me: Once listen, bro! YT: Get the hell out of here or I will 'force stop' myself. Me: OK! Going! Going! YT: Get out you idiot! Me: Going. Calm down! YT: (still cries)

So much of Drama! My Inner Voice: That's why its name is YOU-TUBE! Me: I didn't call you now. Get lost.

Me: Hey Google! What meetings do I have today? GM: Won't you change? Aren't you bored? Every day you ask me the same. What meetings will you have, bro? Let me tell you today. MORNING 10 AM-10:50 AM: Physics Class in which you will definitely sleep.

11:00 AM - 11:50 AM: Chemistry class. I know you are attending the class just for Shreya Mam. I don't know what chemical bonding you experience. She is married, man! 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM: You and your stupid friends talk nonsense. My ears were bleeding since yesterday.

2:00 PM - 3:00 PM: You create a meeting and only you attend. For one complete hour, how can you bear watching your face? I will kill you today if you touch me. Me: (in shock)

Sometimes truth should not be told.

There are many apps waiting to talk to me. We will enjoy that in Part 2. Meanwhile, talk to your APPS. Thank you for reading!

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