"Moving on"

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"Moving on"

by stridder75

I think that too many people push others to "move on" when any kind of relationship doesn't go their way

But I think that view is very skewed, why would I move on if I care about them?

If you really love someone you're not going to just give up. You're going to keep trying to reach them.

As gently as you can you would reveal to them you care, weather or not it makes a difference you would make sure they know you are there for them

Constant in an ever morphing world. You would wait for them, because that's what love is

Love is patient, love is kind, doesn't envy, boast, it doesn't hurt others, love isn't selfish, nor is love angered with ease. Love doesn't keep score, or find it enjoyable to lie. Love is truth

Love always protects, trusts, hopes, and endures all.

So if I love someone and love is all of those things, then why would I ever even dream of "moving on"?

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@bernardtwindwil it's not that you can only fall in love once, its that too many people aren't really in love. They search for it and don't find it until they decide that the want to be compleatly selfless towards someone else and that doesn't just apply to romantical love but brotherly love as well (which is an important thing for basic relational skills). But in this situation the true meaning of love found in the bible is being spoken of in a romantical sense and is being discussed with a major problem in the world today: misunderstanding what love really is.

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Y'all are millenials You seem to think you can only fall in love once, that you have Never mind I loved this poem. I disagreed with the main content even though I thought it sweet. It was a sensitive well-written piece. Y'all have forced me to put in my two cents. Stayed tuned for my screed on millenial love.

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i believe the word for that is....unconditional love? the purest form!