The Stranger Losers//IT meets Stranger Things PT 1

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The Losers find themselves in Hawkins Indiana, were there are over people who have defeated a terrifing beast. What happens when they join to stop IT and The forces from the upside down...

The Stranger Losers//IT meets Stranger Things PT 1

Losers POV Bill woke up to find himself in the middle of a forest, with all of his friends on the ground unconscious. "G-guys. W-w-ake u-up!" He said ,shaking the other Losers . "What.. Were are we?"Beverly said as she stood up, taking in the unusual forest. "Where's my inhaler!" Eddie exclaimed, searching through is Fanny pack. "What the fuck?" Richie exclaimed,.

Stranger Things POV "Wait. Guys! Did you hear that?" Mike said, stopping in his tracks. "What is it?" Asked Lucas. "Stop." Eleven said. They all do so, because they know that eleven can sense danger. "People." She said, pointing to the group of people, a few on the floor and a few comforting a small boy with an inhaler. "What the..?"

Loser Clubs POV "Fuck!" Some one says in the distance. They all turned around to see a group kids, about their age, shining a flash light at them. "Who the hell are you?" Mike said. "Who the hell are you!?" Richie says back. "Wait a sec, you look exactly like me!" "Woah. Lucky you!" "Really? Two Richie's?" Eddie shouts, taking his inhaler again.

Loser Clubs POV "I'm not Richie, I'm Mike!" The boy-who-looks-like-Richie-but-no-glasses said. "I'm Mike." Said the Mike in the Losers club. "Three Mikes? Holy shit this is confusing." Said the geeky boy with cury hair and a blue, red-and-white cap. "I'm Mike H." Said Mike H. "I'm Beverly." Said Bev.

No ones POV After everyone introduced themselves and The Party told The Losers where they were, they decided to tell eachover what had gone on over the years. The Party told The Losers about the demogorgan and the mindflayer and El saving their butts a bunch of times, The losers explained about IT and the bullies.

"They even carved a H in me once!" Ben said. "Mouth breathers." Muttered Eleven. "Yeah. They were assholes." Stan said. "Ass-holes?" El said, confused. Mike gave Stan a 'how-dare-you-say-those-wprds-infront-of-my-girlfriend-who-spent-twelve-fricken-years-in-a-lab' glance. "Its pretty much the same as mouth breather." Lucas explained. El nodded.

"So.. your name is a number, and you have powers?" Bev asked. El nodded and blood suddenly trickled down her nose. "What the fuck! Put me down!" Eddie screamed,floating in the air kicking his legs. "I'll catch you eddie spaghetti!" Richie said dramaticly as Eddie dropped into his arms. "I'll NEVER LET YOU GO!" Rochie shouted, hugging him super tight.

"Get off me Richie!" Eddie squirmed, wiggling around. "Never!" He said back, prancing around with him in his arms. "Ok..." Will said. "Mike." El said, poking Mike. But he was in a deep conversation with Ben and Richie about the clown. "Mike.." She repeated. Suddeny the clown grabbed eleven and brought her down under ground. " MIKE!" She screamed.

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