Leaving Earth
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It is a story about How we were forced to leave earth due to geomagnetic reversal and migrate to a new planet called Celestia.

Leaving Earth

This is year 3020, I am Alex Stark, a Celton(inhabitant of planet Celestia). You are probably thinking about what happened to the earth.

I was a small kid at the time when we migrated from earth to Celestia, but everybody on Celestia knows how my father, Dr. R.P. Stark made migration of such a vast population possible.

He was supervising the delicate mission of migrating people from Earth to Celestia.

Now, you'll ask what happened to earth so that we needed to leave our home planet. As you know, our earth used to be shielded by a protective magnetic layer called Magnetosphere.

The field was generated by Earth's rotation, which swirls a thick shell of liquid iron and nickel (the outer core) around a solid ball of metal (the inner core),

creating a giant electric dynamo.

When a planet's geomagnetic reversal takes place, it becomes prone to many dangers, solar winds are one of them which would slowly blast the atmosphere into space.

Also, living beings would no longer be protected from harmful UV rays. In a nutshell, the planet becomes uninhabitable in the absence of magnetic shield.

Since the time of geomagnetic reversal was closing in,

My father presented the model of migration of citizens of earth to Celestia and made it possible which was thought to be impossible by most of the scientists.

He is now working for making the life of people of Celestia(Celtons) better by his innovations and experiments. Every Celton sees to him with great respect and honor.

Even though I am just 12 years old, I know pretty much about spaceships, cosmology and quantum physics.

As a result, I understand the research work very well too and sometimes help him with his work after coming back from school.

Father is devoting his whole life for the good of Celtons and Celestia. Currently, Father is working on discovering an Energy Source that can generate electricity for whole Celestia for ages.


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