Flat Tire
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A couple driving late a night when they get a flat tire, what could go wrong?

Flat Tire

Darkness surrounded the road that night. It engulfed the dim car headlights.

Lucas gripped the staring wheel of the dark blue convertible as his hazel eyes peered out into the night trying to see what was around them. Wind flowed through his black tangled hair.

He looked over at Elizabeth. She sat observing the trees passing by. The wind made her dirty blond hair cover her face. Lucas decided to put on the music to settle the silence of the car.

Elizabeth was nervous that they have gotten lost; there had not been a sign for miles, but it seemed that Lucas just shrugged it off and kept going.

He began to tap his fingers on the steering wheel along to the Billy Joel song that started playing.

Just then, a rabbit dashed out into the middle of the road and Lucas swerve to try and avoid it. His knuckles were white from gripping the steering wheel trying to regain control of the car.

Elizabeth's eyes had shut tightly closed, her hands gripped the smooth leather seats, unable to look at what was happening. All of a sudden, she heard a thud.

The car began to slow down as they rolled to the sided of the road. Lucas jumped up out of the car and turned back to say, "Elizabeth, you need to stay in the car. Hand me the flashlight."

Elizabeth, fumed, replied slowly "Why can't I help?"

"Elizabeth can't you listen to me for once!"

Elizabeth saw Lucas in the light of the headlights. He circled around a bit unable to find what's wrong. Elizabeth shouted from the passenger side window "Do you want help?"

"No, just sit down and let me focus."

Finally, he found the problem: flat tire on the right backside of the car. He walked to the trunk to get the spare wheel.

The hairs on the back of his neck stood up when his body was filled with the spine-chilling feeling of being watched. He looked around as far as the flashlight beam would allow. Nothing.

Just cedar, pine, and evergreen trees. Lucas hurried over to the back right of the car, the side closest to the woods, and started getting ready to change the tire.

Out of the corner of his eye, he swore he saw a bushes and trees move in the woods, but when he turned around, nothing was there. His legs began to shake from the eeriness.

He quickly finished fixing the tire. As he stood up, a branch behind him snapped.

Paralyzed, Lucas slowly looked out of the corner of his eye and saw boots covered in a thick layer of mud, but a mustard color still showed through.

He felt the hot breath that brushed against the back of his head. A slick cold rod ran across his back. Darkness filled his head.

Waking up surrounded by dew-covered grass. Lucas slowly sat up and immediately noticed the sharp pain in the back of his head. He turned his head and saw the dark blue of his car.

Lucas used the car for support and stood up. Then realization happened. No Elizabeth. He down the endless road then into the deep woods.

Lucas tried to open the car door to find help, but it would not budge. He looked closer at the steering wheel, but the keys were gone.

Reaching done for his pocket he realized his phone was gone too. He only had two options, go into the thick trees and find Elizabeth or start walking down the endless road.

As Lucas started walking into, he noticed every few feet there was a small drop of blood on the twigs covering the ground. After walking straight for a few miles, he saw a little cleaning.

As he got closer, he noticed a small cabin sitting in the middle of the clearing. Lucas's first instinct was to run over a bang on the door for help.

But then he realized What if the man who hit me was in there, then I would be dead for sure. He heard a gunshot in the distance and decided to take a better look at the cabin.

The cabin had a small window on the left side. Lucas crept up a peaked through the old window. In the middle of the floor was Elizabeth, tied up.

He ran around to the door, it was locked. Lucas found the biggest rock and started to break the handle. Another gunshot, closer this time, made Lucas jump.

The door swung open and Lucas rushed over to Elizabeth. The huge cut on her head looked like it was finally clotting. Her dirty blond hair stuck in it.

They got up and started to go out the door, but Elizabeth grabbed him to stop moving. Her shaking finger pointed out the window. A man was sprinting towards the cabin.

"Elizabeth, get down," Lucas whispered as moved to grab the rock he used to get in.

Another gunshot, only, this man did not fire it. Lucas noticed This man was running away from it. When he got to the cabin door, he looked helpless.

Lucas dropped the rock and it thudded in the ground. The stranger looked up and noticed Lucas was standing there.

He looked at Lucas then Elizabeth and said "Let's get out of here, there is a man hunting me, and now you to because you're out here. He won't stop till we're dead."

This man seems to be in the same position as us, needing to get away Lucas thought.

"We need to get out of here. This guy's tracks our every step. The more we wait around here the more likely we are he has gotten closer." This man was like us, but he was a stranger.

We need to get out of here. He wasn't trying to kill us and if he was the hunter why he wants to escape and help us. Lucas contemplated.

"Even if we could escape, I have a car, but the keys are missing. There's no way this hunter guy wouldn't find us on the road."

The stranger pulls out a pair of keys from his pocket. "Are this the keys"

"Ugh, where did you find them"

"While I was running away, I found them on the ground, if we leave now, he might not catch us"

Lucas looked the stranger up and down. He was tall but very thin like he had not eaten a real meal for weeks. His flannel jacket that was covered in mud looked like it was a few sizes too big.

Then he looked down. The boots, the same mustard yellow, were on his feet. This is the man who started all of this, this bastard hit my head then left me and put Elizabeth in the cabin.

He did not have a gun like I had been hearing go off. But that does not mean he did not have a small knife hidden somewhere. He was definitely not the hunter, he looked like he was starving.

But he was the guy whose breath I felt on my neck and snuck up behind me. Lucas thought. Slowly he started to back away. "Who... Who are... you? Why are you doing this to us."

the words slowly escaped from his mouth.

"Who I am doesn't matter. I'm not going to hurt you, not again. We all need to find our way out of here.

I did it once, but he would keep tracking me if I didn't give him another person to hunt." the stranger said.

"You hit me with a rod... there is no way I'm working with you. Elizabeth and I are out here in the middle of the forest, hunted by a psychopath. There is no way in hell I can trust you.

You might be another victim, or you might be helping him, there is no way for us to tell." Elizabeth slowly snuck up behind the man with a rock. Blood started to run down his neck.

The stranger fell to the cabin floor, lifeless.

Maroon covered Elizabeth's shaking hand. Grim tears trace the blood-splattered shadows of her face, frozen with sorrow. Unable to comprehend what she did.

Lucas' eyes watched as blood crawled across the walnut floor. He slowly looked up at Elizabeth; his disturbance etched across his face by the lines.

The feeling of being watched made them turn towards the window. A tall, muscled man had a blade on his side, a rifle in his left hand, and a fleece shirt covered in blood.

He stood there staring at the window. His face was hidden by the shadows of the night.

Lucas and Elizabeth looked at each other the decision to run the same direction that Lucas original came from. The hunter not far behind them. Lucas' stomach dropped.

In all the haste Lucas did not grab the keys, there was no turning back now. The next gunshot seemed a few away.

Then it happened, Elizabeth got hit in her leg. Lucas quickly turned and scooped her up. He worked his hardest know that if he kept running, he could reach the road in twenty minutes.

Scared for their lives, his heart pounding, adrenaline kicked in.

Lucas finally saw the break in the trees, maybe just maybe we'll make it out. Adrenaline pushed him, he moved as fast as his legs would allow.

Running past the tree line he didn't see the old pine root. His foot got stuck and he fell to the ground. Elizabeth rolled out of his arms. In shock from the pain of the gunshot.

Lucas got up with an awful pain in his ankle but that did not stop him from reaching the asphalt. The road looked endless. He heard one final gunshot.

Then Lucas saw it, a bright light in the distance.

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